Our Mission:

Better Body Results

In training with Bodies By Ryan, you will develop the mindset and habits to achieve better body results than you ever thought possible. Head Trainer Ryan and the rest of the team are highly experienced and motivated to support you through every step of your fitness journey, tweaking your form and pushing you to your limits to maximise your results.

Join the BBR tribe and bring your best self to life in every way.



We’ve transformed over 200 members since we opened in 2017, but beyond the lean machines created within our HIIT and Strength gyms we like to think of the impact this has had beyond the member base. As our members take ownership of their health with our guidance, they become stronger, happier and more confident which stays with them beyond the four walls of the gym. They have more patience and energy to play with their kids, more confidence at work and in general, higher sex drive and a positive outlook on life thats infectious for everyone around them.

At BBR many of our members undergo DEXA scans (DEXA stands for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) which is a non-invasive test that measures bone mineral density to assess if a person is at risk of osteoporosis. It also measures fat, water and lean muscle mass.  We’ve seen time after time clients burning a significant amount of fat (up to 7kg of fat in 3 months of training at BBR), while at the same time we’ve seen 1-1.5 kg of lean muscle added in 3 months of training.



Daily members through our doors

Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, join the HIIT gym (max 24 people per class) or Strength gym (max 10 people) over a variety of time options for a sweat sesh that’ll have you buzzing all day.



Choreographed training programs

Our focus is and always will be on achieving #betterbodyresults for our clients. While the high vibes will always be pumping, our circuits and the latest beats vary daily, so expect to be challenged every.single.time.



Combined training experience

The combination of coaches from varied backgrounds means we deliver a carefully considered program that is intelligent and constantly guiding you to progression. Our trainers are regularly advancing their knowledge to pass on to BBR Members by researching, attending courses and workshops, and testing new methodologies during their own training.



We generate plenty of sweat and massive smiles in every session. Our programs are constantly evolving circuit-based sessions that run for 50-minutes with strength and conditioning, mobility and stability all playing a role. Within that time, a huge emphasis is placed on warm up and cool down so your body is ready to engage once the program starts and you leave feeling ready to tackle the rest of your day.



Our High Intensity Interval Training will have you switching between pure cardio stations and working with resistance within a HIIT timed format. You’ll be working to 50-seconds on, 10-seconds transition. The HIIT Gym features a range of delightful equipment (look it’s a love/hate relationship for us all) including assault bikes, rowers, sleds, chin up bars and kettle bells. Under the watchful eyes of our trainers, your form on all stations will be perfected and performed at 100% effort so you’ll leave with an extreme endorphin rush and well on your way to a lean, toned physique. It’s a little addictive, be warned. 


Nutrition is key to reaching your goals, so we encourage you to take onboard the BBR meal plan and recipe ebook to support your committed training regime. We tailor calories and macronutrients requirements to align with your goals, whether you’re after muscle gain, weight loss or both. Our recipe ebook features 17 incredibly delicious recipes that make up seven daily meal plan variations. If meal prep is your worst nightmare, we’ve got you. BBR has collaborated with pure+NOOD to deliver seasonal, freshly prepared meals twice a week.

Strength gym

Cast all your strength gym stereotypes aside please – this is not where you’ll find beefcakes performing bicep curls in front of full-length mirrors. Similar to the HIIT gym, the programs feature varied equipment but with intentional exercises to aid strength building. You’ll find longer transitions and rest between stations here to encourage you to increase your weights once your form is 100% on point. We will always guide you to reach your own limits, so there’s no comparison to the member next to you or the trainer but relative to your own progression.



We’d love to have you join the BBR community and commence your training with us. Regardless of where your fitness sits currently, our community is super welcoming and supportive (and occasionally a little vocal during sled runs). All we ask is that you show up ready to move and we’ll guide you through the rest. Our training programs are designed to create results for our members so we guarantee your fitness and strength will take a giant leap quickly. How far will you go? That’s up to you and we can’t wait to witness your evolution.


Start with a 30 Day Challenge

Our 30 Day Challenges are designed to fast track you to a better you and have produced outstanding results time after time.  It’s the perfect start to joining BBR as you’re supplied with the full bag of tools you need to transform your body. Make no mistake, it’s called a challenge for a reason but as they say, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Personal Training

Personal training is great for anyone that loves that 1-1 attention. We recommend booking in a personal training session to make sure your form is 100% on point, especially if you’ve ever had any injuries.

Free TriAl

If you’re hesitant to commit here and now with a 30 Day Challenge, we offer a free trail session to potential members. Partake in either a HIIT or Strength class session and feel what others rave about!



My wife referred me to BBR in August 2018. Prior to then, I had tried other gyms and circuit based training programs but none have compared to the programs Ryan has developed at BBR. The variety of training with both the strength and HIIT gyms provides something new and challenges me every day. I would recommend BBR to anyone wanting to be pushed to new levels regardless of age and fitness level. 

Mark Merenda