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Why your thoughts might be stopping you from achieving real results

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By Lisa O’Neill

If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘why do I want big results and my own transformation so badly but can’t make it happen despite best-laid plans’? This blog is for YOU.

When we’re at the BBR gym, the energy and intensity of the workout is insane thanks to the trainers shouting encouragement, form correction or countdowns to the next station plus a collective mass of motivated members surrounding us as they chase their own goals. It creates 100 percent commitment from me in that moment and looking around the gym at sweaty faces, I’m pretty sure you all feel the same.

 But how do we keep up this energy at home? If only we had Ryan shouting “this is good, this is good” every time we sat down to a BBR meal filled with protein and veggies or correcting our form if we strayed into the unapproved snacks cupboard. Maybe a fist bump every time we had an early night or a meditation session. I’m pretty sure he would be our personal genie if he could, because seeing us achieve our goals makes him ridiculously happy too (we love you Rhino), but sadly 90 percent of the time it’s on us to follow through with the plan and make sh*t happen for ourselves.

One of the ‘aha’ moments I experienced lately was that results don’t start with action. ‘Change the action, create results’ is only part of the equation. Before action and results are two key components of how we operate. How we act is influenced by how we feel and how we feel is caused by thoughts we have. So creating positive thoughts influences good feelings that then lead to the actions we need to create the results we desire. 

The TFAR (Thoughts > Feelings > Action > Results) model is referenced by many psychologists and life coaches, and could be just the thing you need to tighten up outside of the gym when Ryan can’t be there to help you be your best self. 

First step: Become aware of your thoughts. 

When the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, it’s really important to be aware of what we’re thinking. Meditation is particularly helpful for this, because it offers an opportunity to sit quietly and not necessarily think ‘nothing’, but observe your thoughts as they drift through your mind. Alternatively, when you’re about to act in a way that’s not aligned with your desired behaviour to achieve results, witness the thoughts occurring. They’ve probably been unconsciously practiced so consistently they’re habitual – but they can change!

Some of the limiting thoughts that are hampering your results might sound like these;

“It doesn’t matter if I have just one bite of…”

“I’m a bit tired, so it’s probably best I sleep in tomorrow morning and skip training”

“I’ll never get fit, it hasn’t worked in the past so why am I bothering”

“I had a drink last night so my STTP is ruined, I may as well have one every night and start again next week”

All are thoughts that don’t support our end result of feeling and looking better.

The lightbulb moment for me was the realisation I was believing the thoughts and regularly acting on them… and I could choose not to! 

Second step: Replace the thoughts with aligned ones

So once you’ve realised your habitual thoughts slowing down your progress don’t require action, you can start implanting positive thoughts that generate the feelings that motivate your action and ultimately results.

So if you need to feel strong and motivated to get to training, write down a number of statements that will generate that feeling. Some examples;

“I’m getting so much stronger, what can I achieve in this session?”

“I feel so good after training, I can’t wait for the post-sweat high.”

“Each session is getting me closer to my goals.”

If you want to feel proud that you committed to your meal plan (‘proud’ is a key feeling I aim for each day), here are some affirmations that might work for you;

“I choose to eat the meals I’ve prepared because I know they’ll take me closer to where I want to be.”

“Every bite DOES matter and I’m going to STTP because I trust the process.”

“Yesterday, or my last meal, does not determine what I do today because every meal is an opportunity to be better.”

And some general positive affirmations to wake up to every morning;

“I am capable of great things and each day I’m one step ahead of yesterday.”

“I can’t wait to see what today has in store for me.”

“Today I am choosing to be the best version of myself at home, in the gym and in the kitchen.”

“I feel my best when I stick to my plan, today I am honouring this commitment.”

The more you re-educate your brain and CHOOSE your thoughts, rather than allowing them to run riot, unsupervised in your brain. What positive thoughts are you going to use to back yourselves this week? 

If you need more help with goals and mindset, contact Ryan who has a lot of experience practising in his own life and working with clients on this.


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