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What it take to achieve success in a BBR challenge

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I have always loved watching this process, especially when our last 18 months of challenges have booked out at 50 challengers per block. It has allowed me to work with both male and female, different age groups and different body types.

What has amazed me the most is how successful these challenge groups are especially when you compare the stats to the normal diet fail ratio where 95% fail. I’ve concluded that it’s not the diet that fails, it’s either the leader or coach executing the program and plan or it’s the mindset of the individual trying to change their body composition.

The quote “the same boiling water that softens the potato also harden the egg” resonates with me when it comes to our BBR challenges. Let me run through what the successful people have done to make huge changes in short amounts of time.

  1. Set SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timeline-based goals.
  2. STTP Stick to the plan: or the hashtag I like to use is #STTFP you can use your imagination to fill in the F. Make it non-negotiable.
  3. Immerse yourself in the community: This is one of, if not the biggest, factors and variables. Another quote that comes to mind here “you will always do more for others than you will do for yourself” and this couldn’t be more true. I’ve seen members use the group, whether it’s via Facebook or in classes, to keep them motivated and to stay accountable.
  4. Reach out to your challenge buddy every week: Another one that makes a massive difference to results is to use your buddy to check in with and ask good questions. Ask them ‘what’s your biggest win been this week? What’s been your biggest challenge been?’ Whatever you do, don’t send any negative message or complain about anything however, if you need help in a certain area – your buddy might have experienced the same and reached a solution. It all sounds cheesy and very Tony Robbins self-development seminar, I know, BUT IT F***** WORKS. There’s a reason why Tony Robbins is one of if not the most successful self development coaches in the world. It’s because he’s so committed to his craft of helping others. You simply can’t beat the feeling of not only changing your physique by becoming stronger, fitter and leaner but also helping others achieve their goals.
  5. Use the BBR tools – At BBR we use accountability tools to check in each week. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been coached by multiple successful online coaches, which I have taken a lot and built out similar systems that I have found to be effective. Use the tools supplied to you during your challenge – check in weekly with your food prep pics and use the weekly weigh-in graphs supplied. The level of success I’ve seen at BBR comes from our members that use these systems every week without fail.
  6. DO THE WORK! I stopped writing individual meal plans for people about two years ago. Why? Because they didn’t work. The food and the calories are worked out in a similar formula I’ve used for our best transformations but the reason why these failed was there was no weekly accountability. If food or meals don’t fit the lifestyle of the client and needs to be changed but doesn’t get addressed, the plan simply goes to the bottom draw in the kitchen cupboard or the bin as it becomes “too hard”. What happens when you just can’t eat another chicken breast? You have to be flexible with plans and it’s really easy to change protein, carbs and fats around to suit the individual which will not only keep the client engaged in the plan but will also teach them that dieting can be flexible (within reason) and you don’t have to suffer to get into shape. You suffer if you diet for longer than about 16 weeks in my opinion but doing 8 weeks of sticking to plan should be an easy task if you’re working as a team and really committed.
  7. Become aware of your BS stories that we tell ourselves: Over the years I’ve had clients tell me they accepted the fact they would always be overweight and always be bound to wearing larger clothes and not be able to dress how they’d like. All we need is to be educated and to be taught the systems we need to be successful. You need a leader and a coach to take you through the process because at the end of the day it’s all simple disciplines done daily. So start rewriting your story – you can and will succeed the body goals you’ve set out for yourselves with the right plan.
  8. Commit 100%: PLAY ALL IN, PLAY BIG, DON’T SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRE. We all have that voice in our head, it can sound like you’ve got your own personal trainer in a set of headphones and sometimes it can work against you. It’s the end of the week, you’re tired and run-down, you’ve had a big long stressful week at work, you’re hungry, your partner’s eating pasta in front of you. So the voice sneaks in ‘just one glass of red, I’ll have dessert and get back on the wagon tomorrow – I deserve it’. DO NOT BREAK. Challenge yourself mentally to stay positive. You deserve to have the healthy body you’re aiming for!

It’s what we do when the cameras are off and when no one is watching that matters. Most of the time there is always someone watching and you’re always influencing someone. I like to stay motivated by thinking I’m either going to be inspiring and motivating or the other alternative is having people watch what you do and think I don’t want to be like that.

Being in a food/calorie restriction is GOOD for certain amounts of times. It makes you appreciate your food more, you realise how good you can feel when you drop some mid week pasta nights out, stop snacking on s*** and bin the alcohol.

I’ve heard the old ” I can’t believe how good I feel after eating a well-balanced, whole food plan each day” around week two. I have lots of thoughts when I hear phrases like this but to keep the blog PG I’ll just say my reply is usually “yep, it’s amazing the power of good nutrition and consistent training.”

Work hard, stay to the plan, set your goals, stay strong, be positive, train hard, meditate, take care of yourself and others, love, laugh and always stay true to yourself. You have everything you need at your fingertips at BBR and I can’t wait to see each and every one of you transform. Get after it!

Below are some previous challenge transformations that will convince you even further of what is possible…


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