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With his bouncy energy (does this guy have springs in his feet?!), endless stream of jokes and welcoming members into the gym like old friends – Bodies by Ryan trainer Jake Stergiou brings a cheeky sense of fun to every class. He’s also known head honcho Ryan Devereux since he was a wee pup in high school, learning from the master as a client. Now, Jake’s bringing his knowledge of elite sport and the importance of strength training to BBR while working for his mentor. We drill Jake about life as a footballer, what Rhino is like as a boss and more important things like where he gets his long mac…

What (or who) first led you to working at BBR? Tell us all about how you ended up with us.
Back in high school Ryan was my personal trainer. He helped me with some short term goals I wanted to achieve at the time and drove me in the gym. We created a friendship that I value so much. Since then he has also come to support me by watching two footy grand finals I’ve been a part of.
I was doing purely one-to-one personal training at Revo Fitness for three years, but wanted a change of scenery. I couldn’t look past BBR, purely because I knew Ryan and I was attracted to high standards that him and the other trainers drive.

What is your fitness background? Tell us more about your AFL – how far did you go and do you still have football aspirations?
I started playing footy at a young age and absolutely love the sport still to this day. I’ve been lucky enough to represent Western Australia and play in a couple of grand finals for Claremont Colts. I now play for Subiaco which is a club I love being a part of; I’m very grateful to be apart of such a successful club.
I’m a driven person so my aspiration is to play at the highest level I can.

What is your own training schedule like now?
Right now I’m in season mode and with it being the pointy end of the season, I’m just trying to maintain muscle, strength and make sure I’m recovering well after training/games.
I’m getting a lift in three to four times a week, footy training is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and then we play on Saturdays.
Post season I will go through a growth/strength phase and enjoy torching myself in some Tabata sessions.

Are you focusing on coaching at BBR or are you working/studying at the same time? Fill us in on what you’re up to!
Outside of BBR I am focusing on footy and working on a clothing brand. Upskilling myself is always a priority so some sort of study is definitely on the cards.

What made you want to want to coach?
I’ve always been into my fitness and love living a healthy lifestyle, so being a fitness coach was perfect. Despite not being a morning person, since taking on coaching it’s become so easy for me waking up early every day because I love seeing people work hard and commit to achieving their goals. I always leave coaching with a smile.

What is it like coaching at BBR, and what is Rhino like as a boss? He’s a tough as a trainer… you wouldn’t want to be late to work!!
Ryan is a motivational statue. He leads by example, by putting in the hard work with his training and being a good bloke. As a business owner he does everything he can to make sure the business has a high offering and is providing a high standard to all the members.

Where was your first job and the biggest lesson you learnt from it?
My first job was in hospitality. I worked at a bar/restaurant and really enjoyed it at the time. The biggest “lesson” I learnt was developing people skills and being able to communicate effectively. And to not serve someone when they have had one too many beverages!

You have some early starts and long days at BBR… what are your regular health routines outside of training that keep you feeling your best? What are your non-negotiables?
If I don’t get some sort of exercise in during the day (gym/footy training) I feel incomplete. I also love/value sleep.

Inspire us with any goals you are working towards right now, from fitness to life goals?
A life goal for me that I work on every day is to be better than I was yesterday. That keeps me honest!

What is your favourite part about working in the fitness industry?
Seeing people work hard – I get so much satisfaction from that. It’s a great environment and so motivating in itself. And of course, the cool people you meet.

Fast five faves

Fave session to coach at BBR?
Either strength compound or Tabata HIIT… these sessions are LIT.

Fave exercise or movement?
Any compound movement!

Fave cafe and your order there?
Typika (Claremont) for my pre game meal for a Long Mac, poached eggs on toast, extra toast, extra egg, avocado, bacon… and then I’ll steal half of mum and dad’s brekky.

Fave cheat/treat meal?
Can’t go past a fat juicy burger, or ripping into a sushi train.

Fave holiday destination?
Because of the covid-19 pandemic I’ll keep it local.. I’m going to say Broome, it’s hot, relaxing and beautiful.


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