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The stories we tell ourselves that stop us achieving our fitness goals

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Before our goals come to life, it’s worth reflecting on the year that has passed. What has worked? What hasn’t? How can you keep improving and moving forward in your fitness goals?

While I could riff for days on how our members have succeeded #weapons #inspofordays, at this point I think it’s more valuable to look at the roadblocks that come up time and time again. The funny thing is, they’re all stories we tell ourselves and once we recognise that and rewrite these mindsets to truly serve us, that’s when we will hit our goals and potentially rip straight past them.

I’m not immune to them, either. A good coach once dropped a huge truth bomb on me as I told him I was training twice a day, squatting and deadlifting the house down and eating the right amount of food. He simply said to me, “How’s that working out for you?” #lessismore

I thought I was training hard and following all correct programs with the goal to build muscle and burn fat – but I was doing the opposite, i was running myself into the ground. I had no specific goal, no timeline, no structure, no support, no why. I tuned into the things I was telling myself, such as “I don’t have to track my food because I’m training to get big” when I wanted to eat more and then when I missed a meal, I would run with “it’s ok, I still want to be semi-lean”. In fact, I was just being f**king lazy and justifying it. All the hard work I was putting in prepping meals and training was pointless because I was looking for shortcuts and not putting in the work. The work and time wasn’t giving the return on investment.

I had to make a shift, I had to change my mindset.

“your focus determines your reality”

I debunked these stories after asking myself a series of question and slowly, day by day I fell in love with the process, and learnt that every aspect of training and nutrition was critical to my success. I had to learn to catch my thoughts, ask myself if that thought process was going to lead me to my new specific, time-orientated goal.

Here are the biggest myths I’ve debunked with clients, maybe you’ll see yourself in some of these and realise they’re just stories we tell ourselves. Maybe, we can rewrite them this year.

1. “I love exercise, I’ll just keep training the house down and that will be enough to get results.”
If only. While it would be amazing to get everything you need for body goals within the four walls of the BBR gyms, there’s a reason your body is holding a certain amount of muscle and fat. You can’t out train bad nutrition, you need adequate amount of sleep to recover from the demands of training (and life in general) and if you’re stressed and exhausted, your body will hold onto fat and will struggle to building muscle.

2. “I eat healthily already, I’m the bliss ball queen or healthy pasta king.”
Nutrition is a massive part of the equation and as we advise in our BBR challenge programs, tracking macros is key to understanding what our body needs (and doesn’t #byebyeblissball). Most people don’t realise we need between one and 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to maintain and build muscle. Most of us overeat fat and carbs, so please stop telling yourself “I eat healthily” and wonder why you’re not hitting your goals. Understand the macro composition of what you eat and what you should be eating. Follow it to a tee and wave hello to your body transformation. You’re welcome.

3. “I’m a cardio bunny, I’ll just do more cardio to get leaner because I don’t want to get bulky from weights.”
We may be biased at BBR, but we think the lean and toned look is hot. Hello, weight training! Cardio certainly has a place in our training and has its own benefits, but overdoing it can lead to injuries and exhaustion. Plus, you don’t get a six-pack and popping biceps from cardio alone.
While you build muscle by lifting weights, you’re also increasing your metabolism that will help you burn fat far beyond your strength class. And please mate, the muscle I’ve got on my frame took a lot of very prescribed, very heavy lifting and a LOT of eating. I’ll try not to be too offended you think with regular HIIT classes you’ll achieve a “bulky” look! Spoiler alert, you won’t. But have a look at some of our ladies’ before and after shots if you still don’t believe me.

4. “My body isn’t built for weight training.”
The well-researched health benefits go far beyond the physical ones. Reducing your chance of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and lower back pain. It increases blood flow, body awareness, bone density and high performance in sport. Think age is a barrier to our classes? Wrong again! You need weights even more as you age. As your muscles strengthen, so do your bones – by weight training, you’re setting up an insurance plan for your body. Your body will adapt to strength training and it will thank you for it in so many ways.

5. “I don’t drink much, I’m not giving up alcohol.”
Usually this equates to ‘I drink much more than I’m willing to admit.’ The hard truth is, we can’t burn fat while alcohol is in our system and it can take 48 to 72 hours to start burning fat after a big night. Save it for very special occasions and I dare you to go without over our challenges and see the difference it makes to your body composition, mood and quality of sleep.

6. “I don’t have time to meditate.”
We all have the same amount of hours in the day and if the most successful people in the world can meditate – so can we. Our bodies can’t burn fat when we’re stressed due to the cortisol pumping through our systems. I know it’s hard for us Type A personalities to sit in stillness and it took me some time to adjust but it is worth it. Everything from work to relationships, training to food is better when we meditate. Meditating is a part of our challenges because I’ve experienced the benefits along with so many others. Meditating is now becoming more and more mainstream as a part of stress management. There are many ways of mediating, a slow walk in the park, or, along the beach. Lying down and listening to some slow music, using a guided meditation on You Tube, even reading a few pages a night where you are in complete stillness would be considered mediation. We all don’t have to sit in the corner humming with our thumb on our index fingers. 10 minutes, three times a week is a great start.

“We are the product of every decision we’ve ever made”

So there you have my six myths busted wide open. Once you’ve shaken these lies from your mindset, we can look at adopting some new stories the first one being “I am capable of committing 100 percent to my program.” Once you’ve committed, taking action will be so much easier and your transformation will be our next success story.

If you want to chat further about our challenges or what we offer, call me on 0400 850 782 or shoot me an email.


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