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Real talk with Rhino

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How do you stay focused on your own training while coaching so many different people with their own goals? How do you stay in your own lane?

You have to have really good structure and discipline with that structure – otherwise it would fall apart pretty quickly! Every Thursday I set out my roster for the next week so I know when and where I’m training, I get my plan updates from my coach Wednesday so I go to the shops and buy anything that’s different. Some days don’t go to plan, so I always have a back up training time in the afternoon. If my mind isn’t in it, if there’s too much on, then I know I have the second time available to train. Especially at challenge time, it gets really busy with emails and phone calls and I have to be really disciplined (it’s something I’m still working on, too), if my phone is going off in the morning, I want to sort it all out early because if I don’t get them done then they pile up and hang over to the next day and weigh on my mind. Then when I train for my hour or hour and a half, I have a clear mind.

How does the programming work? When you’re not training us, surely you’re just hanging out having coffee and puppycinos with Forrest? (wink)

From banking on Thursday to reports and sales on Mindbody every day, there are also personal training bookings and follow up phone calls. One of the big things I work on is programming. It starts at week four where I review the programming, week five we start writing it out, we send the programs away to get program cards sent back, we read through them all again to make sure we’re happy and adjust anything, then they’re uploaded and ready to go for week one. We’re always thinking about the six-week cycles, looking at the next six weeks and the six weeks following, and setting intentions for them to make sure we’re progressing especially with the strength stuff. We also factor in deadlift or squat seminars to teach them the correct mechanics so everyone is comfortable with more weight on their back. There’s a lot of thought and time involved, but it’s what sets us apart and gets people excited about training.

How do you gauge your own progress?

I’m going through a phase of building up my legs at the moment, with a lot of hamstrings. I take photos every week to see how I’m progressing and my coach can see where I need to focus on. I have to do the poses each week too – a front shot, then a front double bicep, a back shot and then a back double bi. It’s such a good way to see progression (so stop hiding from me when the before shots are happening people!). I also check in with my nutrition coach, who sees my photos too. We’ve now picked a competition date, which is exciting! I’m going to compete October 13th.

Can we come and cheer you on?

You can, but it’s f*&king boring! It’s an expensive ticket for the day comp and I’ll be on stage for two minutes! Six months of perfect training and food to compete in a specific division, then two minutes of competition…

What are some of the tools you use to motivate your members who need a boost?

I really like using videos, it allows me to speak to a group while targeting a few people who I know need some extra love but without calling them on it. Sometimes, I know it’s not the right time for someone to be all in and it’s totally fine – I know when I just need to hold their hand for a bit until they’re ready because just keeping them moving is enough. We do have a lot of high achievers in BBR though, so sometimes all I need to do is raise my voice a little bit or stand next to someone to motivate them through the session. I also watch one or two motivational video clips a day and sometimes I’ll send them on to get people into a good state. At the moment, I’m loving some of the classic motivators like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown. They’re old school and have a really good sense of humour, so while their message is really motivating, it puts me in a good mood.

Sometimes, it’s a simple as looking someone in the eye and asking them how they are. It might be they’re busy at work or not getting enough time to themselves and feeling stressed. Sometimes people feel strangled by work, family commitments and it can get overwhelming so I like to just reach out and simply ask how are you going? We don’t do that enough, I think we should all take them to ask our friends and loved ones how they really are and take the time to listen. Just through that simple question, it can make people feel cared about and loved.

Speaking of raising your voice, how do you nurture your vocal chords because the BBR classes are pretty loud when you’re coaching?!

I make sure I drink a lot of water – I get through almost two litres over a morning of coaching! I do yell a lot, but it’s what drives a class because just by raising your voice it lifts the vibe. I teach my trainers that we can coach from one end of the room to another by raisin our voice and it’s never condescending or demanding, just loud. It surprises people sometimes when they realise I’m still watching from ‘over there’! (Ed: just like we thought, there’s no place to hide when Rhino’s around)

How do you manage the separation of coaching your partner (the one and only, Jay Bae) and having a relationship with her? Do you give her ‘2, 1’ to get out of the fridge?!

Just like with all of my members, I just want the best for her. My coach is very old school, like one plan over fourteen weeks with no food variations and a lot of calculations you have to do yourself. The way I coach is less extreme, but we still have our meal plans and I expect all of us to stick to them. Obviously with Jay, we’re together all of the time so she gets no free lunches! I watch everything she eats at home, and then she works in hospitality where she’s often asked to eat things or drink things off the plan, which is hard. That’s a big curveball for her, especially as her current workplace has seriously amazing food!

So there is some banter when she eats off the plan, but it only comes from a place of love because I want the best for her. It’s the same as how I’d be if our house burned down and I had to stay at a client’s house for a little while, I’d be watching them as they prepare dinner to make sure they’re following through with their goals too!

Do you ever get cravings and go off plan, like the rest of us mere mortals?

When I was young, I was the chubbier kid out of my mates and I was quite conscious of that. So, even when I was young when we had fish and chips with our family I would have the fish and lay off the chips, because I associated them with making me fat. I associated food with affecting how I looked and how I wanted to look. My brother also bought Men’s Health magazines and while my mates were looking at ‘different’ types of magazines, I was reading Men’s Health and I always loved the feeling of being strong and looking fit. When I played footy, I noticed the guys who looked strong and fit on field and I aspired to be like them.

Now, with my training it’s hard to consistently put on weight and I always want to get return on my investment. So, if I’m grinding it out in the gym for an hour and a half a day and smashing myself, amongst running a business and coaching, I want to get return on what I eat. So there’s no food that comes into my mind that will compromise what I’ve done today and where I want to be tomorrow. (Ed: YESS #wisewords #coachinspo)

I had a lot of fun between the ages of 16 and 21, so I feel like I had my time in the sun and I don’t need to do that anymore. I might have a drink on special occasions and the old Rhino might come out every now and again, but I love what I do so much that when the alarm goes off at 4am, I’m ready and I’m pumped for the day.

What are your big dreams this year, business and personal?

I had a big realisation last year, thanks to Andrew Thomas, that bigger isn’t better – better is better. So, connecting with members is a big priority. We do want to move the strength gym out of the Showgrounds so people can train there 52 weeks of the year. We’ll keep the HIIT gym here but we’re adding some new equipment and aiming to make the service even better, so everyone has the best experience when they come in. Not only do they get an awesome workout, but we want people to enjoy the environment they’re training in. We’ve started with the plant in the corner!

Personally, Jay and I are saving for a house this year so hopefully by the end of 2020 we’ll find something! Jay and I are really happy and we’ve been renting a cool little house in Scarborough, but I’d really like to get settled in our own house. We’re going to a few home opens! Also, competing in October, which I’m excited about because my knowledge has grown a lot over the last two years with the support of a really good team.

Will there be a BBR retreat this year?

Not at this stage. Our goal is to get the new strength gym location and set it up, if that happens really quickly we might still be able to host a retreat. But I spread myself a bit thin last year with two retreats and this year there’s a big focus on gold star service in the gyms here.

Why are you so mean to us on Saturday mornings?! (amiright?!)

(Laughing) Mondays and Fridays have really specific programming, when it comes to Saturdays I write them so people can take them easy or go really hard. (Ed: WTF? Had no idea there was an option!) We have a lot of Type A people who will come and train really hard, but they’re designed for people to cruise through them after a big week of training. We putting some focus on stability and mobility around shoulders and hips, Saturday should be a reset day where we focus on movement and breath. The exercises we do on Saturday will help people’s range of movement and stability through some of the bigger lifts we have on other days. So I’m not trying to be too mean!

Set us straight, what do you think is the biggest misconception around fitness and transformations?

I think a lot of women associate a specific weight with feeling good. The majority of females just want to be lean, toned, healthy and strong without carrying much weight but the reality is you might look better at a weight higher than you’re aiming for. Adding a kilogram of lean muscle will look really good and I don’t like people working towards a certain weight because there are so many variables! Water mass, fat mass and lean muscle… I think people are more open to sticking to the plan when you’re not hung up on a weight goal. If we do put on a little bit of weight at the start it’s not always a bad thing, because a lot of people have been under eating and we need to build their metabolisms up to be firing and digesting food really well. Mostly, these people find their energy also goes through the roof when this happens and it sets a really good starting point. It’s a science, changing our body composition, and intuitive eating doesn’t usually equal results.

Another misconception is that we have to work to a really low calorie point to achieve our body goals. A lot of plans are based on 1200 calories, which is really low for most people! You have to eat a certain amount to fuel your system, a certain amount of protein to recover and build muscle and a certain amount of carbohydrates to perform well in our workouts and enough fat to fuel our cell and hormone function. We need to have the macronutrients right to fuel our whole system, as a complete system.

Thanks for sharing Rhino, a few inspo gems in there! If you have any questions you want to ask for the next ‘real talk with Rhino’ blog, email blog editor Lisa and we’ll hook you up!


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