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Bodies by Ryan Recipe E-Book Volume 2


BBR Recipe book volume two is here!

We’ve created another 20+ healthy, hearty, inspiring dishes that are simple, easy, and delicious. These meals were designed to be efficient, minimal prep time, minimal ingredients, and family-friendly.

These well-balanced meals will help you stay on track with your fitness and physique goals without sacrificing taste and variation. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring and we’ve proved that with both of our recipe books. Inside this e-book, you receive five chicken, five beef, five fish, and multiple breakfast options from smoothie bowls and omelet to our BBR morning cocktail. We’ve even added options where possible to omit the animal protein and replace it with another protein source to create a tasty vegetarian or vegan meal.

We hope you enjoy these meals and recipes as much as we have.

P.S don’t forget to post your BBR recipes on IG and tag Bodies by Ryan!.

Yours in health,



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