30 Day Challenge & pure+Nood food delivery

Our 30 Day Challenge is designed to kickstart your training with us. Whether you want to lean up, build muscle or simply get in better shape, this is a foundation training program that creates the building blocks for lasting change.

By committing to a regular program of intensive training, you will adopt a mindset that proves you are capable of achieving results you probably never thought possible.

Fear not, this is not a military style boot camp or a mass-market exercise program. Our trainers are on the ground with you, guiding and supporting your every move on your way to reaching new heights in your personal fitness.

We’ve partnered up with pure+NOOD to provide you with a tailored meal plan, to truly compliment your training regime. These densely nutritious meals come delivered direct to your door…so what’s not to love about that!


  • 30 days of unlimited training sessions at the HIIT or Strength gyms

  • Tailored meal plans and recipe book based on macronutrients and calories

  • Supplement guidelines

  • Goal setting sessions

  • Access to our private BBR Facebook page with regular videos from Head Trainer Ryan, meal inspo from members and community connection to support your journey

  • Regular support and check-ins from the trainers to ensure you’re on track

Start anytime. We welcome you to join our BBR community!