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We have all types here at Bodies by Ryan and like all places, sometimes the loud and/or chatty folk score a little more limelight. This month, we are honouring one of our quieter members who comes in with an awesome attitude every day, gets the job done, has had great results and is a genuinely a top shelf bloke. James Newcombe Senior is one part of the incredible Newcombe family, with his wife Cherie training the house down too and his son James (Junior) coaching. Here’s a little insight into what makes James tick and why he is 100 per cent worthy of BBR’s Mr February!

Tell us about your fitness history…

I’ve never been much of a sports person, although I have always loved the outdoors and do a lot of activities. I had a period with little focus on health & fitness from around late 20s to 50s (I think my business took priority) and now I prioritise my health and fitness as I realise it’s really important to get the right balance.

When did you first start at BBR and what first brought you here?

I started June 2018, before that I had a low cost weekly membership at another gym and I wasn’t focused or achieving anything, so felt I needed something with a different approach. As my wife Cherie was a BBR member and Ryan had not long opened up the strength gym, she suggested I give it a trial, plus my son is a mate of Ryan’s and reiterated that it would be a good move from the gym I was at. So glad I made the move!

What were your first impressions of the place?

I thought I was going to die with my first circuit training and really struggled with the exercises in the first week or so as I was more unfit than I thought.

How has training at BBR affected your health, from physique to mental health?

I have slowly lost about 10kg over that time (wish that I had done a Dexa scan at the beginning), I have increased my fitness and feel I am more focused. I no longer get back pain from sitting all day in a chair.

Has your lifestyle changed much since your BBR journey began?

Yes, I am so much more focused on my nutrition and feel that exercise is just a part of my lifestyle now, so I rarely miss a BBR session.

What are your favourite things about training with BBR?

The motivation of the trainers, the friendly members and the community feel to BBR. I always leave BBR in the morning feeling good!

What are the biggest health/fitness hurdles you have overcome?

No big health or fitness hurdles really – my success is the weight loss and fitness results, which I wasn’t achieving at other gyms.

Every BBR session is tough no matter how fit you are it seems, how do you mentally get through a session?

I like to know the weeks programming, so I know what body parts we are training before I get there so I am mentally in a zone before I walk in the door.

What’s it like training next to your wife? Cherie goes pretty hard!!

We are both on the same fitness journey so I love to see her train as hard as she can. If we do sleds together though I have to be ahead, otherwise if she beats me on one length she will bang on about it all day.

What’s it like when your son is coaching, is it hard to be bossed around by him?! I bet he enjoys it!

He has a tremendous amount of knowledge. It’s not very often that you will physically get to see your children as adults put their job skills into practice so it does make me proud watching him. My wife thinks she is the boss of me so no harm in letting him think he is too for an hour a day.

What current goals are you working towards with your health?

Maintain fitness and current weight to reduce my longer term health risks.

What is something surprising about you and the Newcombe’s we might not know?

I started my work life in the metals trade as an apprentice blacksmith/welder and then decided on a career change so I went to uni at 21 and graduated with an accounting degree, started my own accounting business at 29 and have now been in business 26 years. Happily married for 33 years with two children, my daughter in Sydney and James, who most of BBR know as he coaches here.

Fast five questions

1. Favourite station/exercise at the gym? Bench press

2. Least favourite? Barbell back squats

3. Favourite café and your order there? Beaches in Cott with a good coffee

4. Favourite cheat/treat meal? Burger and pizza – but has to be home made.

5. Favourite holiday destination? Sydney at the moment because our daughter lives there.


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