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Lululemon Ambassador On-Boarding

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Wow… the power of 200 like-minded, kind, caring, ambitious and motivated individuals has a serious effect on the physical and mental state of your life.

Last week, I spent three days with 200 Lululemon Australia & NZ ambassadors and they truly cemented my personal and professional path. I was privileged enough to be invited on board as an ambassador in April by the Claremont store leader Bel Simpson. After several months of using me to product test some of the new men’s range at Lululemon I instantly loved the brand so jumping on board as an ambassador was a no brainer. But I had no idea what I was about to experience at their onboarding weekend held in Melbourne.

Day One

We were told about the brand, its mission and its core value before they defined what the next two years as an ambassador looks like. The information was good but the experience was indescribable. There’s nothing better then being out out of your comfort zone and within an hour of day one, Liv and the crew had us up dancing and let it be known there would be no judgement over the next three days so dance like #zerof****given (check out the hashtag #zftuesday for more inspo).

Another challenge was given to us during a yoga session. Go find a complete stranger, introduce yourself, sit cross-legged, facing each other so your knees are touching, hold hands, match your breath and stare into their eyes. After the few minutes of staring into a strangers eyes, we were told we could stop and every set of partners instantly hugged. The energy in the room was like nothing I’ve felt before. The photo below is from a meditation we did together where we had to sit back to back and were cued to feel the breathe of our parter or partners… another very humbling moment. #connection

It wasn’t all meditation, breath work and brand talk. The first night every region had a dress code to wear. Being from the west side, we all dressed up as gangstas and had everything from fake face tattoos and chains to bandannas #westsideisthebestside

My room mate Stu was a yoga teacher from Adelaide and we got on like a house on fire. He’s an absolute legend, we were running late to each session as we were always shooting the breeze. Stu even ironed my shirt for me on night two as my ironing skills aren’t quite up to scratch. Thanks Stu #mates

Day 2

We lived out the Lululemon vision of Grow, Sweat, Connect on day two and had to pick one of these as a group. Of course, I chose ‘sweat’ and we set off for an adventure in the city. With a few cartons of beers under our arms, the Sweat crew walked to a park near Marvel Stadium and found a mini AFL ground set up with umpires raring to go. Us westsiders stuck together for this one and the link up plays from Monty (Applecross), Kalen (Claremont), and Devereux (Claremont) would have been similar to Judd to Dusty to Carey . Well, that’s what I imagined it would have looked like from the boundary. Haha! After taking the win, the lads took it upon themselves to long arm a can of Melbourne Bitter in the celebrations. #boyswillbeboys

Night two was a cocktail party and I won’t name any names but there were a few sleepy eyes at the 7.00 yoga session the next morning. #letthegoodtimesroll

All in all the friendships, the connection we all made was unreal. Sitting hand in hand after a yoga session with an almighty hhhhhmmmmmmm made for some almighty vibes. It made every hair on your body stand.

Some take aways I am also now trying to implement into every day;

No coffee without a keep cup. No water without one of my drink bottles

Be more kind, go out of your way every day to say hello to a stranger or make someone’s day. A smile or a compliment goes a long, long way.

Have deeper, more meaningful conversations. Everybody’s been up to more than “not much” and everyone’s feeling more than “not bad mate”

Live every day with passion & vision.

Finally, I wanted to share what being a Lululemon Ambassador means to me;

“I’m taking responsibility to raise the vibrations of our community, bring awareness to mental health and give all humans the tools to feel amazing through movement.”

Hope you enjoyed my spiel on a few incredible days involving more growth, sweat and connection than I thought was possible. I’m also hoping you’ll feel the effects of my experience down at the gym and I encourage you all to seek out growth and connection on top of the sweat you’re guaranteed at BBR.


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