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How I successfully managed my health and fitness this Christmas

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Over the last four weeks I’ve read blogs, studies, and Instagram and Facebook posts from many different people in the fitness industry on what you should do over the Christmas period. A vital point I didn’t hear a lot of people talk about was what was right for the individual.

I read lots of comments like “If you track macros and calories over the holidays, you’re still going to die one day” or “1400 burpees for a slice of Christmas pudding….DO IT” etc.

They’re great for a laugh and some of them have some truth to them, we are all going to kick the bucket someday and life is to be enjoyed. However, the intention behind it of ‘f*** it, It’s Christmas’ still slightly annoys me.

Instead, I planned out my Christmas so it aligned with my goals and my values, and I want to share how I went about it. Your goals and values might be different so there’s no right or wrong, only what’s important to you. I hope by explaining my plan and process it might help some people over their next holiday.

Firstly, I assessed where I’m at.

Am I happy with how I feel, move and look?

How coherent have I been recently?
I would estimate 80-90% with food pretty much the whole year and training has been great with no missed sessions and good intensity over the last two programs (totalling 28 weeks).

What’s most important to me over the break?
Spending time with family, being present, doing some form of exercise and meditation. Allowing a few days away from technology gave me some time to reflect on the past year and check in on how I feel.

From this, I created a plan.

I tracked my food on the first day to ensure I had a rough idea of my calories and macros.

My days looked like this;

4 eggs
4 gluten-free slices of bread

Protein (ham/beef/turkey/chicken/fish) 1/2 plate
Vegetables/Salad 1/2 plate

Protein (ham/beef/turkey/chicken/fish) 1/2 plate
Vegetables/Salad 1/2 plate

1 small bowl

I felt full, satisfied and no food coma. It was slightly under my normal calorie intake but I wasn’t too fussed as I knew I was having sufficient protein and wasn’t moving or doing as much incidental exercises throughout the day. There are some good reports around now about the advantages of “diet breaks” and having a week from weighing and measuring your food when working towards your goal. After doing this over the last seven days, I agree.


As I was travelling interstate and I wanted to spend as much time with family as possible I decided to give my body a full week of rest from weight training. Might seem like a strange time to do this as your food usually increases and movement decreases (if you have an active job), so the normal mentality would be to get a session in so you can eat more or drink more. Get some good done before the bad goes in. I know in the past this has actually been a downfall for me as I would have the mentality that I’ve done a session so I can smash as much food as I want…..WRONG. This left me feeling sluggish, tired, foggy and looking for any quiet room with a bed or couch.

The reality is we burn around 400-600 calories in a session and that doesn’t add up to days of overeating and drinking, and justifying it with “I did a big session this morning.”

I chose to go for a 30-40 minute walk each morning before anyone was out of bed which worked really well. I walked by myself and also used this as my meditation for the day. I would get home just as everyone was waking up and my cup would already be full. I would get brekky going and be pumped for a big day. Knowing that I hadn’t trained that day would make me be mindful of what I was eating and consuming. Post-Christmas I feel energised, recharged and excited for the New Year to kick off.

Again, this might not be the right fit for you if you value big nights out and playing drinking games with your family on Christmas day. I will say this, though – if you have a goal or something is important to you I urge you to stick to your guns through this time. At least have a plan in place if you’re serious about what you want. On the flip side, if you’ve worked your backside off all year and want to enjoy a week of long lunches and picking the dusty bottles of red wine from the bottom of the rack then that’s ok as well. Just be prepared for some tough sessions in the new year!

Assess, where you’re at, make a plan and try to stick to it. No right or wrong, only what’s important to you.

So… what are your priorities for the rest of the holidays?

If you’re ready to prioritise your health and fitness goals, let’s have a chatabout how we can help you at BBR. Seeing my members transform in 2019 has been so rewarding, I can’t wait to see what you can do in 2020.


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