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Embrace your journey

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With our next BBR Challenge just around the corner, I thought I would share some of my thoughts as I’m 19 weeks into my dieting phase and give some insight to what has helped me stay mentally focused. I had to build strong will power to get through some situations such two weddings in seven days that were both serving the most incredible food, cocktails and dessert. I’ve also managed to stay on track with a weekend down south and a three-day stay at The Ritz Carlton. This blog isn’t about the specifics, such as calories and macros – instead, I’ll explain the mindset that got me through that hopefully you’ll be able to resonate with and apply straight away once our challenge starts. I set a very long term goal and had a plan for all these situations, which made it easier in a way because I was committed to the long haul. During our 6 or 8-week challenges, there will 100 per cent be curveballs thrown your way. You will have events coming up, social outings you’ll have to attend, dinner at the in-laws, you’ll have days you forget your meals and you’ll have a day where you’re sick of eating food on the plan you’ve received. You’ll have to have some tools in the tool belt to get through these situations successfully.

Here’s a few quick transformations from some of our BBR members that have learnt to love the journey and embraced the process.

You’ve probably heard me say this before but, without this, you will not reach your goals or reach your full potential. YOU MUST HAVE A BULLETPROOF WHY.

If you can sit down and answer the following questions you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Why have I committed to this challenge?

Why is this challenge important to me?

What does a successful challenge look like to me – What will I hear? What will I see? What will I feel once I’ve succeeded and reached the goals I’ve set out?

Once you’ve answered those questions, write them down and stick the answers somewhere you’ll read them every day. On the fridge is a great idea, because the reminder can also be a handy roadblock if you find yourself heading to the fridge when you shouldn’t be!

An extremely handy tool I use when I’ve committed to something is to break it down into weekly and daily blocks.

I have the mentality every day I’ll give every session my all. PERFECT REP, PERFECT SET. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT. Feel my body working, challenge the muscles and make sure I leave nothing in the tank.

Then my next big focus is breaking all my meals down. I have the majority of them prepped and scheduled into my daily google calendar so I know exactly where and when I’m eating. Sounds very OCD but it takes all the guesswork out of my day and makes it structured so I don’t miss a beat. Having my meals prepped is not only essential for portion sizes, it also means I’m not tempted to add more food to meals at mealtime when preparing them each day (usually when I’m hungry!).

Every day I have the same mentality, perfect meal after perfect meal = I wake up tomorrow closer to my goal and I always have roadblocks and rules in place during the day. After meal one or two I’ll have a long black coffee to help suppress appetite and get to my next meal. After my next meal, I’ll have something that is slow to eat (usually my banana which I freeze so it’s slower to eat) and I know after the piece of fruit that’s it until my next meal. I do the same after my last meal. Once I’ve finished my final meal, I make sure all my meals are prepped and ready for the next day to avoid being caught out. Once I know I’m all set for the next day I have my ZMA Magnesium supplement which starts my nighttime routine of slowing down, then brush my teeth straight away to stop any thought of snacking after dinner.

Here’s some photos from our BBR members. As you can see, some members keep their food really simple and easy while others like to get creative and spend some more time on the preparation. As long as you stick to the plan, it all works!

A really important thing to remember during the challenge time is to embrace YOUR journey. I know there’s a lot of people doing the challenge with their friends which is awesome and you’ll be able to support each other along the way. BUT, please be mindful everyone is on their own journey and I want to make sure everyone respects that factor. We are all at different stages of our journey. You might be at a stage where you’re happy with your physique and you’ve committed to this challenge to get some structure back to your life post-Christmas and holidays which is an awesome reason to commit and go hard. There will also be members in this challenge who are new to BBR, apprehensive, unsure about the food, maybe slightly intimidated, maybe have had issues with eating before, new to training or it could even be the first time they’ve been in a gym. We don’t know where everyone is at with their health, fitness and physique – and it’s important we all embrace all the different challenges we each face. I think we all want to be our best selves and I think we all have thoughts at times that we were a little tighter around the waist, had popping biceps or even something as simple as being a little bit stronger than we are. We all have these thoughts, we all have these self-doubts but what I love about BBR is that we all come together to encourage each other and make sure we’re heading in the right directions towards being “the best version of ourselves”. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true.

We all want to be loved.

We all want to be accepted.

We all want to be healthy, sexy and confident and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

I want us all to embrace what we really want. Have no judgement on your goals and how you want to look.

One of my main goals, since I was about 15 was to have a huge vein through my bicep and though my quads. For whatever reason, I love the look. I love being strong, athletic and vascular. I feel at my best when I’m in that shape. I’m confident and I feel I show up as the best person I can be. I have lots of energy, I can train hard, I can take on new challenges with BBR and take the business to new heights and I feel UNSTOPPABLE. I love that feeling and I want everyone to have the same feeling. Every day when you swing your legs out of bed and place your feet on the floor, you can take a deep breath in and with all the confidence in the world say “I’VE GOT THIS” and you know whatever the day throws at you, you’re going to be able to handle it and MORE!

I’ll keep posting these small blogs and I hope it gives you some encouragement heading into this challenge to grab these next six to nine weeks by the scruff of the neck and really get after it. No excuses, nothing standing in your way. No cheese platter, no champagne, not even your favourite cocktail served up in front of you will knock you off the path to achieving what we’ve set out to get.

If your goal is to get back on track after the holidays, I’ve got your back the whole way.

If your goal is to add some muscle and build strength during this challenge, I’ve got your back.

If your goal is to lose 10kg and this challenge is the start of that process, I’ve got your back.

Whatever you need, whenever you need me during this next block of work I AM 100% COMMITTED to being the best coach I can be for you. We have to work as a team, I’ll be calling you out on any BS stories I hear as that’s my job as your coach. But, please know everything I say to you comes from a place of love and I’m doing the best I can to get the most out of you and get you to reach your potential.

Let’s get it team!



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