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Challenge Series #4 with Hayden De Mari

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With tattoos creating an impressive effect, wrapping around his head, neck and torso – Hayden De Mari is hard to miss on the Bodies by Ryan floor. His enthusiasm and love for the gym means he has become a fast favourite around the black box, with legendary BBR trainer Justine Spurr claiming him as her gym bestie. He’s also one of Head Trainer Ryan Devereux’s oldest Perth friends, training with him in the early days of Ryan’s personal training journey. As a HIIT gym player most of the time, I enjoyed getting to know Hayden more and will be cheering him all the way to achieving his goals this challenge. Go get it, Hayden! Enjoy, team… 

LO: How long have you been at BBR and what condition were you in when you began?

HDM: Hello Friend! I have been on and off with Ryan since Christ Church days and the long lost first BBR in Shenton Park! Believe it or not he was the first PT I ever hired and my last! Thank you gumtree for bringing us together!!

I’ve consistently been coming now since March/April 2021. I was in pretty rough condition when I came back. I believe it was 2 years since I lifted a weight. Please don’t ask me when the last time I ran either haha. It was actually a food story post on my Instagram of my lunch from McDonald’s that led Ryan telling me to get my butt back to BBR.

LO: McDonalds… yikes! I bet Rhino had a few words to say about that! So, how many challenges have you done now and what results did you achieve in them?

HDM: I consider this my first challenge. I was signed up for the last challenge but I honestly feel this time I am giving 100% effort. I really am wanting to see change in both my strength and appearance by the end.

LO: What made you sign up for the summer shred challenge?

HDM: Ryan likes to keep me involved and to be honest I am glad he is always pushing me out of my comfort zone to do things like this.

Hayden making gains.

LO: What are your goals – from big to small?

HDM: My biggest goal, believe it or not, is to hit 60kgs in weight!! Seriously, it is not easy when you are being active. Following that is to stay consistent with my training! Avoiding making excuses or prioritising things over the gym! I really want to push myself this next year by switching over mentally to the ‘I CAN’ attitude over from my current ‘ahh maybeeeeee I can lift that’ thoughts.

LO: What are your biggest hurdles in the way of achieving your fitness goals?

HDM: I own and operate two businesses in Fremantle so if I wanted to, I could find a reason any day to not go to the gym or eat unhealthily. Some days It’s like I’m living three lives so time management is always a hurdle for me, along with making sure I don’t forget my dang lunch in the fridge!

LO: So what’s your plan… what will it take to achieve your goals from number of sessions to supportive behaviours like good sleep, what are your non-negotiables over the challenge?

HDM: The plan is to be accountable and reliable to not only myself but my work out buddies! This challenge and gym life have become much more achievable due to the fact I work out with strong and motivated people. Mondays & Tuesdays are with Power man Dan, Wednesday is with Superwoman Justine and Friday is either with Dan again or one of the other amazing members of BBR. No matter the day someone is always pushing me harder, faster, stronger. I don’t ever like to disappoint my friends. Ryan has seriously made this gym into an epic community where showing up and putting in the hard work is actually the easy part! I am seriously a grandpa so going to bed early has never been an issue for me and a healthy set of four days a week is the perfect balance so I don’t overwhelm myself. Non-negotiable is stick to the plan and every week to be eating MORE!

Hayden and Justine ripping through an upper body day in strength.

LO: How’s it been going halfway in? All to plan, any hiccups to report?!

HDM: So far, we are going good! Let’s not jinx it though! Normally when I start a good routine, I end up getting sick! So, hoping that doesn’t happen this time because I am feeling good and hitting a few PBs which has built my confidence heaps!

LO: What are you loving most about this challenge?

HDM: I’m loving the friendships and emotional support everyone brings. I love cheering people on and having the same done for me! Monday and Tuesday mornings are my favourite because we just push ourselves to the max in the Strength room. Some mornings I am honestly tired and ran down but then we get into that room and Ryan starts egging you on and your buddy is there helping you lift that next set of reps. It’s a great feeling and it honestly pushes me to do weights I never thought my tiny frame could handle haha.

LO: What are you most looking forward to at the conclusion of the challenge?

HDM: I am hoping this is the start to a regular routine and life change for me that extends past this challenge! I can’t wait to see everyone’s results too! I feel like there are so many people that will be show casing some great after photos. I definitely see more challenges for me in the future with stricter eating habits and more calories to absorb!

LO: Yew! Very cool to get to know more about you, Hayden and cannot wait to see you bust past the 60kg mark!


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