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Challenge Series #2 with Daniel Formentin

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As 2021 winds down, 87 Bodies by Ryan members are kicking off to finish the year in sensational form. The final challenge of the year, leading into the festive season and our BBR Christmas Party, is here! Over the course of the six weeks, we have chosen six members to share their stories, their goals and what keeps them motivated here on the blog. Whether you’re inspired by them, you relate to them or you just get to know your fellow members beyond the black box or HIIT hell/heaven – we hope you get some joy out of our series and it makes you a little more determined to achieve your own big goals before the year ends.

Second in line is a relatively new guy in town, Dan Formentin, who is an Instagram favourite with the way he pushes himself, crushing each session, and all with a cracking sense of humour (tiny pink water bottle on the head hehe). We had a chat to Dan this week to see how his latest challenge is going, what drives him and whether he loves food as much we do (spoiler alert, he does). Enjoy getting to know Dan better, BBR fam!

How long have you been at BBR and what condition were you in when you began?

I joined BBR on the 20th of April 2021 and I was in pretty sloppy shape. I have always been a very active person, ranging from playing various sports at school, to cycling and going to the gym up until 2019. I then opened a business and was extremely busy still working full time and preparing the new business, so my routine was abandoned. I did bursts of inconsistent exercise where I could, however I found myself not progressing at all. This led to me having what I would call a COVID Dad bod, losing all tone on my stomach, gaining some fat and feeling generally weak and “soggy”.

How many challenges have you done now and what results did you achieve in them?

This will be my second challenge. Upon joining BBR, I started with two personal training sessions with my buddy Hayden and BBR head trainer Ryan, plus a class or two per week. Increasing my attendance, I slowly began to lose my excess fat and started getting some tone back.

When I started my first challenge I had reformed my routine, and was getting into BBR for four to five sessions per week, and shifting to a healthier lifestyle. The challenge made me really kick it up a notch by adding meal prepping and pushing up to six sessions per week. By the end of the challenge, I had built more lean muscle while continuing to get leaner and shed some excess fat. My weight went up about 2.5kg in total, which was my goal with Ryan.

Dan’s first challenge before and after saw him completely transform the COVID dad bod!

What made you sign up for the summer shred challenge?

Ryan made me.

Hahahaa jokes! After seeing the changes from my completion of the first challenge, I want to continue on the same trajectory as closely as possible.

What are your goals – from big to small?

My goal for this challenge is to continue to challenge myself physically and mentally, and stay committed to the process. To me that means 110% destroying myself at the BBR classes, and sticking to the meal plan.

Overall I want to continue to improve my strength and conditioning, and get back to a strong, athletic physique.

What do you see your biggest hurdles to be in the next six weeks?

My biggest hurdles over the next six weeks are time management and diet. Along with running the business earlier mentioned, I tattoo for my full time job and also run a series of creative share spaces/studios. I am also in the middle of a huge home reno that I am doing on my weekends.

Staying on top of my weekly workload and responsibilities will be my biggest hurdle (even after the challenge) as I have found that to be my number one cause of eating off-plan. When I’m time-poor and tired, I turn to convenience. To better manage my time means my meals are prepared or all the ingredients are ready to be cooked in advance, removing any reason for me to opt for unhealthier options.

Diet is one that I am struggling with less and less provided that I have put aside the time each week to meal prep. I have realised this is the one factor that can either hinder my progress or accelerate it, which is why I consider it such a massive hurdle (I LOVE FOOD).

Also I need to make sure I can get to bed at a decent time and get quality sleep, so I can get up early and perform well at our sessions. This relies on making sure I’m done with work and not staring at screens before bed.

Dan hard at work at Golden Panther Tattoo.

So what’s your plan… what will it take to achieve your goals from number of sessions to supportive behaviours like good sleep, what are your non-negotiables over the next six weeks?

The plan for this challenge is to stick to the plan. Plain and simple. As mentioned above, this is reliant on me staying on top of my time management for meal prep and sleep.

I will continue with my six sessions per week which are now a consolidated part of my routine.

Also allowing myself to stay accountable to Ryan and the process of the challenge, and not giving myself excuses for shortcuts or going off plan. And to be honest – if I’m going to get up at 5am to exercise, I may as well put in the effort and eat the planned food! These are all non-negotiables.

How’s it been going one to two weeks in? All to plan, any hiccups to report?!

Two weeks in and I’m going strong! Plenty of opportunity to give in to temptations of work drinks, sweet treats, naughty desserts and second helpings, but I’ve stayed strong.

As Ryan often mentions, the compound effect of building good habits makes it easier and easier to stick to the plan, and not deviate.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to over the summer shred challenge?

I am looking forward to seeing how we all turn out over the next four weeks, as we have some seriously dedicated machines at BBR! I think we are going to see some crazy transformations and some people are already really changing their physiques! Super motivating to see!

Thanks for sharing Dan! Next week, we’ll be chatting with the formidable duo Ash and Elyn to see how their summer shred challenge is going. In the meantime, have an excellent week, stick to the plan (STTP!) and be like Dan, give every session 110%!


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