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Challenge Series #1 with Diana Patrascu

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As 2021 winds down, 87 Bodies by Ryan members are kicking off to finish the year in sensational form. The final challenge of the year, leading into the festive season and our BBR Christmas Party, is here! Over the course of the six weeks, we have chosen six members to share their stories, their goals and what keeps them motivated here on the blog. Whether you’re inspired by them, you relate to them or you just get to know your fellow members beyond the black box or HIIT hell/heaven – we hope you get some joy out of our series and it makes you a little more determined to achieve your own big goals before the year ends.

First up, we went straight to the top, and interviewed last year’s summer challenge winner Diana Patrascu. This lady is so strong and determined – and when she is in challenge mode, she sharpens her focus to 100% weapon. She’s also always up for a giggle, so our resident blogger Lisa O’Neill got the lowdown in between laughs.

LO: D! As the winner of the challenge this time last year, you’re the perfect person to kick this series off! How are you feeling going into this challenge? What’s your mindset like? 

DP: I’m pretty pumped – maybe it’s because we are heading into summer and because I’m ready to strip down after a period of let’s say bulking ha ha. Over the winter months my focus was to try and build my overall strength. So naturally, I did put on some extra weight but now I miss the lean feeling and it’s just time.

I know this challenge will be a success for me as I’ve committed to being 100% all in. I’ve learnt to have the power to mentally switch into challenge mode when I’m hungry for it and this is one challenge I won’t slip up on!

LO: What is the big motivation for you for this challenge? And can you share your goals? 

DP: I want to feel and look good. My last challenge wasn’t the best, I was pretty annoyed for not sticking to the plan.

LO: I think we like to keep challenging ourselves at BBR with high standards all around us, and some challenges can be harder than others. I felt exactly the same about the last challenge, I pulled the pin at week 4 due to life but after a firm but fair chat with Rhino, if you really want to succeed at BBR you make life work around your goals don’t you think?  

DP: Yes, 100%. I know everything else goes smoother in my life when I stick to the plan, with meals prepped, solid workout each morning and then taking really good care of myself. It’s a commitment to yourself, but everyone else around you benefits.

LO: Yes! So what are your big goals this time?

DP: OK I have a few;

  1. To keep myself accountable every single day. Wake up and get to those early morning classes as that helps me get into gear for the day. It’s a great feeling walking out and knowing I’ve started my day right.
  2. To get some unassisted pull-ups would be amazing.
  3. A 6 pack would be a bonus!
  4. Strengthen my lower-mid back again to help with my back issues.
  5. Get at least 2 HIIT classes a week to improve my endurance. It’s quite embarrassing nearly passing out after only 20 seconds on a bike… That needs to change 100% 

LO: Love them and very similar to mine I know you’re 100% weapon, but we all have our sticking points we have to focus on when in challenge mode. What do you foresee as your biggest hurdles in this challenge?

DP: Firstly, not snacking or giving into ‘I’ll just have one’. It’ll ruin the momentum for me but mostly won’t be able to say I stuck to it 100%. It’s a mental thing. I know I can do it and I find if I stick to my food plan and ensure my protein intake is there, I’m less likely to slip up during the day, especially the mid-afternoon times. That’s my danger zone.

Secondly, getting enough steps in my day, so I’ve planned to walk every single day (with my fav furry friend). We’ll both be happier for it.

LO: What’s your plan for success? Take us through how you will structure the next six weeks of health and fitness that will take you to your goals?!

DP: It’s simple – I’ll stick to the plan. Aim is to train for six days, and even try and get a double in when I can.

I am taking down body measurements for this challenge to see how it compares to when I finish.

LO: Finally, what are you most looking forward to in this challenge?!

DP: Honestly, I’m excited to see some of my BBR friends also being a part of this challenge and watching their transformation. It’s way more fun doing it together!

I’m really appreciating being surrounded by like-minded people and the encouragement going around is incredible. I’m also trying to be that person for the people around me. Oh and of course, looking forward to seeing my before and after pics.

Above: Last year’s winning transformation before and after front shots for Diana

We’ll check in again with D once she finishes the challenge and see what happens when a weapon sticks to her BBR plan… Next week, we interview newcomer and strength gym crusher Daniel Formentin and see what Rhino has in store for him. 



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