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BBR Testimonial Holly Mullins

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I met Ryan a few years ago when i first started cutting his hair. At the time, i was training four times a week, a mix between cardio and weights. I used to annoy the hell out of him and pick his brains all the time about why I wasn’t achieving more results or gaining muscle.

He always said the same thing every time… He told me about the massive importance of nutrition, but i just couldn’t get my head around eating that much food and not gaining weight as a result or lifting heavy weights without getting bulky.

Back and forth we went for about a year until eventually i gave in and did my first personal training session with him and I’ve never looked back. i have now been training at BBR for over a year in the strength gym and just can’t get enough.

I trusted Ryan’s advice, started a complete food plan and saw huge results in just a few weeks. At first it was really hard to eat the larger quantity of food and fit it into my day as a i don’t have any breaks at work, but now it’s second nature to eat this way. It proves Ryan was right all that time… food is a massive part of making gains. I have continued to get stronger and fitter over my time at BBR.

BBR is a massively important part of my life and is my form of meditation. I love how much the trainers really care and also want you to succeed. They are so on top of form and movement all the time. and the gym is such a welcoming place to train no matter the day or weather.


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