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BBR Success Story Nikita Djrodjevic

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BBR Success Story

Nikita Djrodjevic

I’ve been training with Bodies by Ryan (although it was first called UFit at the start)

for five or six years because Ryan was starting a new venture and I wanted to

support a friend. There were eight to 10 friends meeting at Bradley Reserve in

Doubleview one night a week and the training was very different to what it is now!

I’ve followed him ever since (not creepily!) from Christchurch Grammar School to the

tiny shed in Nedlands to the amazing gyms he has now at the Showgrounds.

I was a girl who could eat whatever I wanted and it not show, now I’m actually

healthy and putting on some muscle. The first 30-Day Challenge that Ryan ran is still

to date the best shape I have ever been in! Now I am working more in the strength

gym and I’m seriously enjoying the heavier sessions and getting stronger… it’s an

amazing feeling!

I’ve been with BBR for such a long time because the trainers care about their clients,

they care if we’re performing an exercise in a way that could hurt us and spend time

to correct the movement. I love that there is no judgement. You get in there, you get

your shit done to the best of your ability and you walk out feeling bloody great. It’s

such a friendly and welcoming environment, even at 5am.


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