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BBR Success Story Andrew Thomas

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BBR Success Story

Andrew Thomas

To be honest, before I started with Bodies by Ryan I thought my fitness levels

were not too bad. However, when my partner Jo signed up and achieved amazing

results in a short time, it made me think I should be doing something different!

There were a lot of other mums and dads from school jumping in too and they

seemed to love it, so I signed up. I kicked off with a 30-Day Challenge and lost six

kilograms in just over two months and suddenly I didn’t have back problems

anymore. I was blown away by my before and after pics – I didn’t think those

results were possible until I reached them at BBR.

I now love eating clean and training with real intensity. I hate going two days in a

row without training, whereas before I was aiming for three moderate sessions a

week. While I’ve built up to 100kg squats and 145kg deadlifts, the biggest goals

I’ve achieved is feeling good about myself and having my partner notice I’m

looking good.

The trainers at BBR are awesome, Ryan is a beast but so interested in everyone’s

story no matter what shape they’re in and there’s an amazing community feel as

a result. One of the best things is watching other people at BBR achieve gains

they probably thought were impossible. I really think BBR change lives. It

definitely made me realise you’re never too old to take control of your body and

diet, and make serious gains!


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