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BBR Six Week Challenge pilot

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The first six-week challenge at Bodies by Ryan wrapped up this weekend and to say I’m stoked with the results I’m seeing is an understatement. The sweat, discipline, resilience and hard work over six weeks has paid off and I’ve watched people transform their minds and bodies beyond what they initially thought was possible.
We’ve had the very successful 30-day challenge running since we started BBR and I love this format, it’s a lot of fun and members have seen great results. However, we wanted to challenge our members to stay on track a little longer than usual. Having a longer focus helps members see that it’s not just 30 days, then breathe a sigh of relief and return to old habits before the next 30-day challenge comes around. I’m so bloody proud of the group who just went through, hearing them talk at our wind-up dinner that the habits they have built are for everyday life and they’re in for the long run. This is what we wanted to achieve in six weeks – and these challengers have proven IT WORKS.

Long-term member Lisa O’Neill was part of the first six-week challenge and achieved phenomenal results (proud coach). Here’s her story, hope it inspires you guys and bring on our next challenge kicking off October 21. Email me for more details…

Lisa O’Neill’s Six Week Challenge

I’m going to go out on a limb here and be super vulnerable – before this challenge, I’d given up on myself a little bit. I love exercise and always have, but my commitment around food was average (if only Ryan was coaching from my kitchen before I got stuck into the peanut butter – but there’s only so much a coach can do!) and once I’d completed my morning training I felt like I’d ticked off good health for the day and could treat myself. This is not the way to achieve results, as you might imagine. So despite really wanting to feel good, look fit and slaying myself pretty hard in the gym, I kept falling short and ending up disappointed in myself.

In May 2018, I discovered BBR and had an epic first 30 days with the gym. My body responded so well to the HIIT circuit training and I achieved great results. Then my birthday came and winter comfort food… slowly but surely I returned to bad habits and a winter ‘layer’ that stuck with me through spring, summer and autumn until now.

When Ryan announced the six-week challenge in August, a little flame flickered inside of me. Could this be the start of the change I’d been hoping for? I signed up, hopeful and positive. I met with Ryan before the challenge begun to discuss my goals and commitment and this provided the first light bulb moment.

“I think you give 80 percent, not 100,” Ryan told me. “It’s like doing an epic bicep curl and half way through the movement, you drop the weights.”

Oh. Yes, that was me and Rhino called me out on it. I needed to hear this hard truth and it initiated change in my mindset. What is possible if you give yourself 100 per cent commitment to your goals? Let me tell you, the world opens up to endless possibilities because I did it.

I committed to Ryan’s food plan and the first week it was tough (there was two breakfasts and kind of two lunches!) as I felt quite full but by the second week, my body’s metabolism adjusted and I felt like a furnace burning through all of this healthy food. I love this style of eating and eggs for breakfast is so freaking satisfying! Who knew chucking some eggs and veggies in the pan is ready just as quickly as putting together a bowl of cereal and yoghurt?

Socialising was tricky at first. People question your motives “you’re so hard on yourself, one drink/handful of chips won’t hurt” but when you gotta goal, it feels bloody good to be disciplined and every time I said “no, thanks” my resolve strengthened and I felt better and better. I started to believe in myself and that feels so much better than succumbing to peer pressure. It’s now more important to honour myself than ‘people please’ so others feel more comfortable with the food/drink they choose to eat. No judgement of them, but honouring myself is just more important. You do you, boo.

A massive part of the six-week challenge is scheduling ‘cheat’ or ‘treat’ meals and at first, I skipped these as I thought I was being 100 per cent and this was part of it. Nope. Another Rhino truth bomb was about to drop and this was a game changer! Cheat meals are PART of the success because they make this a lifestyle, not a short-term plan. Ryan told us to plan our cheat meals at the beginning of the week around our social schedule. So I went out for dinner with friends and had a burger. I had a piece of the cake I made for my son’s birthday. I chose one or two nights a week where my husband and I stayed in and planned some dark chocolate. And I shed an emotion that dogged me for YEARS… Goodbye Guilt. It was notnice knowing you.

I scheduled my treats and then I enjoyed them SO much. The next day, I got back to 100 per cent STTP (Stick To The Plan) and the weight kept dropping and the body I always dreamt of slowly but surely, started revealing itself.

My training ramped up a notch, I’ve gone to five days a week where I was doing four before and I’ve added regular power walks and weekly yoga which are both just as good for my mind as my body. I’m pumped to see some great improvements in the gym too. I’m feeling powerful on the rower, ab exercises are not so agonising as before and I feel much stronger on the weight-lifting exercises.

So physically, I’ve dropped four kilograms on the scale in six weeks and I look in the mirror and for the first time in a long time, I feel proud. My body can do amazing things, my mind just needed to get onboard and now they’re working together I am seeing real results. You can do the same. Seriously, if I can, anyone can because I thought for a very long time that I was incapable of sticking to my goals.

I needed six weeks to thoroughly break old habits and now I’ve built new ones. I don’t have chocolate every night any more, I have a cup of liquorice herbal tea. I don’t attack my husband’s ice cream stash when nobody’s looking (in fact, this challenge also helped me realise I’m dairy intolerant and even WPI is not my friend – Welleco vegan protein powder is my fave). I don’t snack mindlessly EVER anymore. All my food is intentional and let me tell you, a treat is so much more delicious when you’ve planned it and look forward to it. I haven’t been perfect and during certain times of the month, there may have been a spoon or two of peanut butter consumed (not STTP!!) but they were few and far between and the trust I have in myself meant I got up the next day and got back on the STTP train.

Thank you Ryan, Rob, Mikey and Gene for creating the environment for success. Thank you amazing BBR gym members for making every session fun even when we’re red-faced, sweaty messes. I am so excited for what’s next with BBR and encourage anyone to get on the next six-week challenge. I’ll see you there!


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