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BBR Challenge Winner: Lisa Adams

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As we speed towards the end of 2021’s final Bodies by Ryan Challenge, we spoke to the mid-year challenge winner Lisa Adams about how she tackles training, creates big goals and brings constant positive vibes. Lisa joined us earlier this year and has brought nothing but sunshine and rainbows (ok, and a tonne of badass grit on the gym floor), lifting others spirits and self-belief with her kind words. Despite a few hurdles to jump, Lisa went at her challenge with steely determination and threw in a few bonus fitness challenges to boot (46-kilometre charity walk comes to mind!). When she was awarded the winner at BBR’s mid-year awards, she brought the house down and may have had a few tears as she accepted her trophy. Lisa O’Neill chats to Lisa about all of it…

LO: What was the state of your fitness and mindset before you started at BBR?

LA: My fitness was pretty good, I have always loved the gym and especially weight training. I wasn’t much of a group fitness person – how that has changed!

LO: What was the trigger that made you sign up to BBR? After so many BBR clients also coming into you as Bronzd Off clients… I’m surprised it took you so long!

LA: Ha ha! Yes, I had so many BBR Clients coming to my spray tan studio (@bronzdoff), including yourself, and Michey had been on at me for a while. I think I drove Ryan absolutely nuts with my phone calls about wanting to join up!
Life was so busy. I work two jobs and my dad was very ill, so it was all a bit overwhelming and I wasn’t sure how I could fit BBR in, so I kept putting it off. I had been bumping into Lucette at coffee shops and seeing how amazing she looked, and then Jane Mangini came to me as a new client and told me she had joined BBR for a 6 week challenge. She came back six weeks later for a tan and by the time she had pulled out the driveway I had called Ryan and signed up! She looked absolutely AMAZING and we are now great friends! We are the kind of girls who got “talks too much in class” on our report cards!

LO: How has the BBR experience been different to other gyms you’ve been a member of?

LA: God, where do I start… BBR is *ucking awesome. Bodies aside, the greatest attraction of BBR is the ENERGY.  Like seems to attract like and there are a lot of committed, incredible and positive people. BBR is an education, it sets you up for life in terms of your health and fitness and knowledge.  The trainers are truly invested in your form and your growth and they all walk the talk, BEST trainers!

LO: Tell us about your first challenge and your experience there… what big changes did you make (things you stopped to things you added from food to lifestyle)…

LA: First challenge I was pumped! I bounded into that first coffee morning like a Labrador. It was a carpark HIIT class as we had just come out of a COVID-19 lockdown. Gene and Jussie introduced themselves and I was 100% ready. My diet pre-BBR was very healthy, but I clearly wasn’t eating enough and because of my busy work schedule I would skip a lot of meals.  Obviously on the challenge I cut alcohol and avoided really “boozy” nights out where possible. I found the food side of the challenge easy; it was good food and lots of it and I really wasn’t craving anything, so I didn’t have an off plan meal until about week seven.  I had so much encouragement and support from so many members especially the original crew and that really kept me going. My buddy Anissa was great. I continually challenged myself to go heavier and heavier with the weights and all the trainers were so supportive, I cant thank them enough. I used to dream about Justine “spur me on” and her back muscles at night! Her commitment was incredible and I loved watching a trainer transform with us.

LO: Congratulations on winning the challenge – what do you think set you apart to take the win?

LA: Hmm, that’s really tough because it was such a competitive field and I really thought there were a lot of worthy winners.  My commitment was pretty strong, I gave every session 100%, I walked everyday and even threw in a 46km charity walk in week two. If Ryan said JUMP I said “how high”! I just did as I was told, no more and no less!

Lisa (front) and friends post-charity walk with a glass of sparkling water to celebrate – she was that committed!

LO: Please share your results from physical to mental transformations, goals achieved and any unexpected great outcomes…

LA: Physical changes were lean muscle and definition, and my clothes felt amazing. Mentally, WOW, this was the biggest transformation. I had been through a tough five years losing both of my parents, plus my own health battles and I was struggling. I wasn’t depressed, but my headspace wasn’t great.  BBR gave me clarity, it gave me strength and resilience to handle what life throws my way.  When your health is spot on, your life just flows so much better.

LO: What aspects of the challenge worked so well you would like to incorporate into your lifestyle going forward?

LA: Alcohol.  I don’t drink at home EVER, that was a bad habit through COVID lockdowns and one which has been really easy to stick to.  Also food prep is here to stay, it just works well for me and my busy work life.

LO: How have you gone in subsequent challenges, have you adjusted your goals and achieved different things?

LA: I haven’t done consecutive challenges but I have continued to food prep and attend classes six days per week.  My goals are still the same, I tell Ryan every Challenge “Sarah O Connor Terminator” – lean muscle, strong not skinny!

LO: What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the gym and starting 2022 with a BBR challenge?!

LA: OMG DO IT!!!  Make 2022 one of your best years EVER. Put it on your bucket list.  There are so many positives about doing a Challenge but most of all, BBR is an education in correct nutrition and form. Pushing your body to levels you didn’t think you could reach is very empowering.  The friendships, the trainers and the culture are second to none.

LO: And finally, what are your goals/hopes/dreams/must-dos for 2022?!

LA: *uck this will sound corny but 2021 was brilliant.  I joined BBR, my body became strong, my mind stronger, my business boomed, my friendships flourished.  Where do I go from there, life is pretty good! I have new body goals, heavier weights to lift, need to nail the 10 unassisted chin ups, expand my business, hopefully work a few less hours and get back to Italy as soon as the borders open up.  I also MUST commit to a 5.15am session in 2022 to train with my current buddy Asha, her smile just lights up a room and gets everyone motivated.

Fast five faves

Fave station at BBR – Chin Ups (still working on 10 unassisted, go Sarah O’Connor)
Least fave – Is that even a question “Burpees”
Fave café and your order there – Vans brekky and traditional long mac or Mummuc and any pasta there
Fave cheat meal – Mummuc Pasta/Cannoli (leave the gun take the cannoli)
Fave holiday destination – Sardinia, Italy

LO: Any final words Lise?

LO: Last but not least, you just need to meet ANYONE from BBR to know what the gym is like. We are all walking, talking advertisements. The energy is contagious. Bodies by Ryan is a “Chicken Soup Gym” because it’s 100% good for the soul.


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