BBR Testimonial Lisa Seaburne-May

BBR Testimonial

Lisa Seaburne-May

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Before BBR I was reasonably fit, having made a real effort over the past six years since my

youngest child was born. I exercised regularly and had already lost about 10kgs of ‘baby’ weight

and while I was eating good food, I wasn’t achieving my goal of shedding those last few


About 18 months before I joined BBR, I was working long hours in a very demanding job and

thought it was better to just keep to my usual routine.  Earlier this year, we made a family decision

that I would take on a less demanding position and work part-time. That’s when I joined BBR and I

only wish I’d moved over sooner! My whole BBR experience has been head and shoulders above

any other gym/exercise I’ve taken part in.  

From the very first meeting with Ryan, I just knew it would be a different experience. I kicked off

with a 30 Day Challenge, including a Dexa scan, goal setting with Ryan and a meal plan.  I lost

those niggling 3kgs in the first 30 days and soon I’ll do a repeat Dexa scan to see what body

composition improvements I’ve made. I started training three times a week but the enthusiasm,

energy and comraderie of all the trainers and members is infectious so I’m now training five

sessions a week.

An unexpected benefit of training with BBR for me is the sense of calm my life has now, as I’ve

always been a fast-paced person. I love that BBR is more than just a big burst of exercise during a

challenge - it’s a way of life thanks to Ryan’s passion for wellness, the lovely BBR community and

the various workshops to improve physical and mental health.

Ryan Devereux