BBR May Bali Retreat with Tyra Pederson

By Lisa O’Neill

The May BBR Bali Retreat with Head Trainer Ryan Devereux was a concentrated version of all BBR’s principles in the luxurious tropical location of Komune Resort. While the Instagram stories suggested there were plenty of intense sweat sessions at Muscle Beach, there also appeared to be a lot of laughs, team bonding and some fine dining. We spoke with legit BBR weapon Tyra Pederson to get the lowdown on her experience; the fun, the sweat and the details of the leopard g-string incident. 

BBR: What were your initial reasons for attending the BBR retreat? What did you hope to get out of your time there?

TP: I was keen for a physical challenge and of course the lure of doing something entirely for myself. As a mum, you’re often doing things for everyone else in the family and there’s not a lot of time left for yourself to do exactly the things that you want to do. And I was keen to get to know some of the members outside of the gym.  

BBR: What was your impression of Komune? 

TP: Komune was incredible and far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to Bali many times but like so many people, you get caught up in the main tourist areas and never really venture much further. It was really great to have the retreat in an area I hadn’t been to before and Komune really was top notch. The facilities were amazing including the day spa, but I’d have to say the food was a highlight. The menu was so extensive for each meal and we all had trouble trying to choose what to try next. Everything was fresh, beautifully presented and super healthy while not compromising on taste at all. There were no bad meals!  The rooms were first class with amazing views across the pool to the main pool and beach. I would seriously consider staying there again with family and friends. It was the perfect merging of a resort with a health/fitness aspect, with the luxury of the rooms, pools and dining/bar areas, coupled with the gym and three yoga shalas and spa. No tiny hotel gym and overpriced spa here!

BBR: What did your daily schedule look like over there?

TP: I was up at 6am, opened the curtains to see the sun just starting to come up while getting ready for our workout at 6.15am.  What a view!  The workouts were challenging (which I anticipated) and working out in the heat added an extra challenge. After workouts, we headed back to our rooms for a shower or swim and then all met for breakfast at 8am. Then there was free time before an optional yoga session from 10-11am which we did most days… it was great to do some really deep stretching.  I then usually headed to the main pool to swim, sunbathe and people watch. We met for lunch at 1pm for more amazing food and then splintered off for free time, usually by the pool but we all spent a lot of time at the spa having massages pretty much every day (and they were only about $30 for an hour). There was more yoga on offer at 4pm and then we would meet up for a drink before dinner at the Beach Bar… again, amazing food and lots of funny and interesting chatter. We were usually all tucked up in our beautiful rooms by 10 or 11pm.

BBR: How easy were the logistics of the retreat?

TP: Having everything included in the price was awesome (aside from flights). All the workouts, as many yoga sessions as you wanted, three AMAZING meals per day plus plenty of free time were part of the deal.  Ryan had clearly done the groundwork to put it all together and let us know what was available and included in the package. All I had to do was say YES to the retreat, and then Ryan and Robbie worked out payments through MindBody.  Getting to the retreat was easy via Ryan’s driver contact and Ryan was always happy to answer questions so it was simple. 

BBR: What were the BBR sessions like? Did they take your fitness up a level?

TP: I loved the sessions.  The challenge of the heat and humidity was good.  I have to say I did struggle a bit in my first session but that was probably just adjusting.  By the end of the retreat, I felt like I came back stronger.  The sessions were the format we are familiar with at BBR with 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off with rotating stations.  Ryan’s sessions, whether at the retreat or in the gym, always challenge you and you can always choose to really go hard and push yourself a bit further.  By no means are any of the sessions easy, but for some reason we all keep coming back! 

BBR: Did the BBR community vibe travel to Bali too? How did you find the social side of the retreat?

TP: The vibe certainly did travel to Bali. We had a super friendly, outgoing and happy group of people there and that’s a reflection of everyone in the gym.  Despite not buddying up with someone from the gym to room with, I still felt part of the group and was always included. I enjoyed the social side of the retreat and it was great to get to know everyone a little better outside of the usual gym sessions.  

BBR: Did you achieve any goals you had set for yourself? Please tell us about them.

TP: I hadn’t really set myself any goals but I was really pleased and surprised to be able to get up the climbing ropes unassisted!

BBR: What were your favourite aspects of the retreat?

TP: I loved the workouts and the challenge of doing them in the heat.  So much sweat… pools of sweat.  I absolutely loved the food… I felt like we ate like kings… very healthy kings!  And of course Komune was a beautiful location in every way.

BBR: What surprised you about the retreat?

TP: I wasn’t expecting the resort to be so great, despite having seen all the pictures on Instagram and having trawled their website.  It just has to be experienced! 

BBR: It looked like there were a lot of laughs... funniest moment of the retreat and details please!

TP:There were tonnes of funny conversations throughout the day but we really got a lot of laughs from doing the ‘Train the Trainer’ segment on the last day.  We were laughing so hard as we designed all of these crazy workouts for Ryan to do. I think he was expecting that we would smash him with endless chin-ups and burpees. Instead, we dressed him up in a leotard, bike pants and an animal print g-string with a bandana and sunglasses and made him do all sorts of crazy things.  My personal favourite was the ‘Bintang Hang’ where Ryan had to hang upside down on the monkey bars and scull a Bintang… that was funny.  He was such a good sport and really enjoyed the fun of it all, despite many of the stations requiring him to drink beer and eat chocolate and chips (so not in his daily macros!!). 

BBR: What would your top tips be for anyone attending the September retreat?  

TP: I would recommend committing early and getting cheap flights quickly.  The closer to the retreat, the more expensive flights will be. Definitely bring tights for the yoga sessions and running shorts for the workouts… it’s just way too hot and sweaty to work out in Bali in the humidity in tights but they’re fine for yoga. Be open to getting to know everyone on the trip, even if you come with your gym buddy. I would pack light too… something for pool/beach wear, workout gear and a cool dress for the evenings.

To find out more about BBR or book your spot on the BBR September Bali Retreat, contact Ryan here.

Lisa O'Neill