He’s sort of the new kid on the block at Bodies by Ryan with six months under his belt, but it kind of feels like he’s been around forever at the rate this guy makes friends. Mikey knows what it’s like to be put through his paces as a former professional sportsperson, so he loves pushing members to their limits but at the same time, it’s crucial to him that they’re having a good time. We get the lowdown on all things Mike, from his lifelong inspiration to what his world was like as a professional cricketer and why he absolutely loves training y’all. 

How did you end up at Bodies by Ryan? 

I’ve experienced the fitness industry for 15 years at the other end of the spectrum, as a client or team member, through my time in a professional sporting environment. It developed my passion for all things fitness and gave me the opportunity to pick up little tips and tricks from a variety of coaches along the way until I completed my studies. I’m very much a hands on type of trainer to make sure the client always ‘feels right’ through any movement during training.

I started with Bodies by Ryan through my friendship with Ayrton and recently ticked over six months employment here. In that time, I’ve made a great friendship circle with both other trainers and members.

What’s your earliest memory of fitness, take us back to the ultimate starting point… 

I’ve lived and breathed sport since I was a little fella. I grew up playing cricket in the summer and soccer in the winter, following in my Dad’s footsteps. My old man played professional soccer for England in Derby County back in his prime and once that ended, he became a handy cricketer when he moved to Perth in his mid to late 20s. He’s my best mate and has seen my career in sport and now fitness develop from strength to strength (no pun intended!). So, sport is in my blood and I was always going to be a sports nut! I was fortunate enough to make a career out of professional cricket up until I was 27 and from there, my fitness journey started. I have a genuine passion for keeping fit, healthy and oozing positivity.

Professional sport seems like living the dream to many of us, what was it like?

Life as a professional cricketer was very interesting. All the time spent training, time away from family while travelling and in particular the length of the game; each of those elements have their positives and negatives. I lived it and loved it, but also hated it at the same time. I found I put myself under unnecessary pressure throughout my career and that affected my performance. You forget why you started playing the game in the first place... which was for pure enjoyment and fun! I believe cricket is 30% physical and 70% mental.

Where was your first job and what was the biggest lesson you learnt from it? 

I worked at Wendy’s ice cream parlour as a 15-year-old kid. An interesting choice you may think, but money is money at that age. I learnt that pink is definitely not my colour thanks to the staff t-shirts, but more importantly I started to get an understanding of what it’s like to work in a team environment. My time at Wendy’s may or may not have ended with me giving away a free hot dog to my best mate. The things you do as a youngster, right?!

What type of fitness do you partake in outside BBR?

Crossfit has been a big passion of mine over the last few years. It gives me that competitive kick and drive that I once felt with cricket. I also do specific weight training, focusing heavily on my big lifts like squats, bench and push presses.

What do you love about working in the fitness industry?

Personally, it’s all about the clients and fellow trainers you meet along your journey. Everyone is completely different with their ideas and thinking. Everyone has a story to tell. Some people you click with, others you don’t. If I can leave a positive influence on members and colleagues then that’s my job done!

Please share your funniest moment at the BBR

Listening to story time from the weekend is always entertaining and watching slightly hungover clients come in to sweat away their sins both get a big tick from me.

What would BBR members be surprised to learn about you?

I’m 30. Yes, I know I look 21.

Which station at the HIIT gym is your favourite and why? 

I’d shift myself to the squat rack or any core exercise (if it’s summer time).

If you could avoid any particular type of exercise, what would it be and why?

I struggle with shoulder mobility so I definitely have to work on pull ups, muscle ups etc because I struggle a fair bit when a lot of reps are required.

What is your favourite local café and your order there? 

Yelo in Trigg because I bloody love dogs! I’m not a coffee snob, so anything from a flat white to a cappuccino does the trick.

When you’re in a motivation slump, what’s your favourite way to return to form? 

Suck it up, get two to three sessions done and then I’m back on the wagon. Make it a habit again and don’t get lazy.

Tell us about any of your daily health routines that help you achieve your goals?

I follow a very stock standard routine of filling my days with coffees, protein shakes, meat, rice and healthy fats (avo/nuts). My weakness comes after dinner when I crave something sweet!  

What’s the most important aspect of fitness to you?

I train for mental clarity as well as all the physical gains. It gives me that ‘feel good’ factor and I bloody love it!

What are you currently working on to improve yourself? 

Sticking to a program & following that to the best I can. I think this gives me a sense of purpose when I train and I encourage anyone with fitness goals to do the same. My current goal is a 180kg squat and continuing to ‘beef up’ to a 90kg body weight.

Fast five favourites

1.    Holiday destination? Vegas

2.    Cheat meal? Any chocolate/ice cream

3.    Song to train to? Diplo: Be Right There

4.    Movie/book? I can never stay awake for either.

5.    Spirit animal? Lion. I’m a Leo.

Lisa O'Neill