Your 8-Week Roadmap to BBR Success

Ok, so you've booked your holiday, your wedding’s looming, you’ve got a milestone birthday approaching... whatever that important date means to you, when it’s eight weeks away sh*t’s getting real, am I right? Eight weeks out is absolutely the time to cut out the BS.

Eight weeks is definitely a good amount of time to get in really good shape (although hopefully you’re not trying to undo eight years spent on the couch with cake and wine!). Whatever your starting point is, if you start training or pick up your intensity and frequency now, you are going to feel happy and confident when you arrive at the airport or the aisle eight weeks later, regardless of how much we change your body composition.

So team, let's get started. To progress in anything in life it has to be measured. The method I'm going to explain isn't intense calorie counting or typing every gram of spinach you eat into an app (ain’t nobody got time for that). But we do need to start getting some structure to our food and training. First thing to do is whip out a notebook and pen and WRITE DOWN YOUR WHY!!


Your ‘why’ could be as simple as to feel stronger, to keep up with the kids or to be confident wearing swimwear (or your undies!!!). However, my advice is to push past this and get more specific – go really deep as to why you want to change and the difference it’s going to make to your life.

Here’s a set of questions to get a really powerful why;

Ask yourself, what do you really want? Then go deeper, why do I want that? How will it make your feel when you achieve it? What will you see? What will you hear?

Take yourself to the moment at the beach, ripping off the T-shirt and showing off those abs with total body confidence. Or, how will it feel to kick the footy with your kids for 30 minutes or more without starting to search for the closest defibrillator? Picture yourself at the airport, glowing with good health and intense pride for the hard work you’ve put in.

Nobody else needs to see your why because this is all about you, so be honest and real about what is driving you these eight weeks. Refer to these goals and visualisations as much as possible (every night before bed or over your morning coffee) to keep you motivated.

OK that’s the woo woo stuff out of the way, let’s get down to business and whip you into the best shape of your life over these next eight weeks.

Keep the notebook handy because it’s time to write out your weekly plan, which could look something like this (make it work around whatever your commitments are).

This is what most people can commit to at the start and what I recommend;


Do the same for your weekly food plan. An example day could be something like;

M1 Protein oats
Coffee Long black
M2 2 boiled eggs
M3 Chicken, sweet potato, salad
M4 Lean mince stirfry
Plus Post workout protein shake/ banana

Now, I would recommend measuring all your meals for at least one day so you get an idea of how much you are actually eating. A large number of people undereat and are selling themselves short for getting the right amount of fuel to get through their day, plus training, work and family duties not to mention recovery, repair and growing your muscles. AND THE BIG ONE... EATING ENOUGH CALORIES TO FUEL THE HORMONES THAT BURN FAT.

You can get a good gauge of how many calories you should be eating from this site;

You can add up your daily calorie intake on this site for free;

Ok, now you know how many calories you are eating each day and how many you should be eating from your calorie calculator. I would aim to put yourself into a 10% deficit, by adjusting the amount of food you’re eating. That is going to be your go to meal plan for the eight weeks. SUCK IT UP! If you ever feel unmotivated refer to your WHY again!

That’s the hardest part out of the way. Now I'm giving you examples to get your #shred on. Remember your training diary? We're about to update it.... YEP, we’re going to add more frequency each week. I never said it would be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

Week 1

    MON  TUES  WED   THURS    FRI     SAT     SUN

AM   GYM               GYM                   GYM   GYM  REST 

PM             WALK               WALK 

Week 2

        MON  TUES  WED   THURS    FRI     SAT     SUN

AM   GYM              GYM                   GYM   GYM  WALK  

PM            WALK               WALK 

 Week 3

        MON   TUES     WED   THURS     FRI      SAT     SUN

AM   GYM   GYM       GYM                     GYM     GYM   WALK

PM            WALK                     WALK 

 Week 4

        MON   TUES     WED   THURS     FRI      SAT     SUN

AM   GYM   GYM      GYM                     GYM     GYM   WALK

PM            WALK      WALK     WALK  

Week 5

        MON   TUES    WED      THURS     FRI      SAT     SUN

AM   GYM   GYM     GYM                       GYM     GYM   WALK

PM   WALK  WALK                   WALK 

 Week 6

        MON    TUES      WED      THURS     FRI      SAT     SUN

AM   GYM    GYM       GYM       WALK     GYM     GYM   WALK

PM   WALK   WALK                     WALK                 WALK

 Week 7

        MON    TUES      WED      THURS     FRI      SAT     SUN

AM   GYM    GYM       GYM       WALK     GYM     GYM     WALK


Week 8

        MON    TUES      WED      THURS     FRI      SAT     SUN

AM   GYM    GYM       GYM       GYM        GYM     GYM   WALK


There’s your next eight weeks all mapped out. Each walk should be around 30-minutes and you can increase this to 45-60 minutes as you get closer to your holiday. Make it brisk, so you could chat but you’ll be puffing.

I recommend taking progress pics every two weeks. Get someone to take them against a white wall so you can see the difference. I don't like using scales unless you’re on them the same time, same day. Even then the scales can be giving you unmotivating figures for what’s happening in your system, especially if you’re female. The scales will move throughout the month. The simple fact is that if you’re eating high quality nutrition and increasing your training frequency, you will be adding muscles and losing fat.

I’ve had multiple clients find the scales will only drop around 2 kilograms in 12 weeks but they burn around 7-8 kilograms of fat and gain anywhere between 2-4 kilograms of muscles.

The next "general" tip I can give without getting into too much depth is to simply take away some carbs from your meals or place all your carbs before and after your workout. HOWEVER, only do this around week three or four so you don't hit a plateau.

We have several online clients at Bodies by Ryan and will always go out of our way to help people on a mission. So if you do have any other questions feel free to contact us on

The best advice I can give you is to STICK TO THE PLAN (#STTP), once you have a plan, stick to it and without a doubt, you will succeed. If you aren't prepared to get trainer to do a meal plan, you must stick to your guns and always check with your health professional before you start anything to ensure you’re in good shape to get started.

Go get it.

Ryan Devereux