Face to Face With a Rhino


He’s the owner and head Trainer of Bodies By Ryan, watching over us all like a hawk just in case we’re taking the easy option… but what makes Ryan Devereux tick? We chat to Rhino to get some insights into why he’s so passionate about getting the most out of us all. Spoiler alert, he’s a guy who makes his goals happen and not afraid of hard work in and out of the gym. If your motivation is flagging, Ryan’s profile should sort you out.

Tell us about your fitness career journey… how did you end up training all of us legends?

I’d always kept fit with football and went the extra mile, but mostly my strength work had just been lifting weights with mates with no program and just hoping for the best! I decided I wanted to get into better shape, learn more about strength and conditioning, programming and food which eventually led to understanding body composition and transformations.

I went to a lot of different gyms and trainers, who were all really good and knowledgeable, but it felt like there was always something missing. So I completed my personal training certificates, Cert III and IV early in the morning before I started work as a tradie.

My first job in fitness was at Christ Church Grammar School first in their strength and conditioning programs mostly with the rugby, rowing, and footie programs. I started training the parents on the side, and eventually, after five years at Christ Church, the PT with the parents had grown so much I had to choose between the school and going out on my own training people.

My first gym opened in Nedlands for one day when the site was deemed unsuitable, which was a bit of a setback, but thankfully one of my contacts suggested the showgrounds and 18 months later, we’ve opened our second gym here and have more than 150 awesome members. Even now, I still get the same excitement with every new client because every body is different and presents new challenges. I love seeing clients with fire in the belly to make changes like I once had!

What’s your earliest fitness memory?

I was about 12 when my brother (he’s a few years older than me) and his friends first started working out and he bought a Men’s Health magazine home. I cut out the guy off the front cover, he had an 8-pack and such defined arms it looked like he had a garden hose running across his bicep! I started doing crunches, tricep dips at the end of my bed and bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells every night until my arms went numb. Ever since then, I have always had that physique in the back of my mind that it was something I wanted to achieve.

Where was your first job and what was the biggest lesson you learnt from it?

My first job was scrubbing dishes for five bucks an hour at a restaurant my mum’s partner owned in Ballarat called The Bakery Hill Tavern. I was only around 12, but my brother and I had to make sure the kitchen was spotless and sparkling otherwise our pay would be docked! It made me appreciate the value of money, it was hard work but it was also good fun. I saved up and bought my first drum kit from that job!

What’s your biggest achievement in fitness so far?

Winning back-to-back Aussie rules grand finals with my country footy club. It’s hard to beat the feeling of winning grand finals with your best mates. Also, competing in bodybuilding while growing my business and studying was a tough gig. I’m really proud of the discipline I applied for the 16 weeks with food and training to get myself into competition shape.

Which station at the HIIT gym is your favourite and why?

I have a love hate relationship with the assault bikes! But I do love them! I focus on the numbers and I go to war with myself. (Ed’s note: Ryan pumps out over 1,000 watts consistently… #goals).

Least favourite form of exercise?

I’ve always struggled at chin-ups. Everyone who sees me in the gym gets a good laugh when I’m on there! I break it down rep by rep and employ little techniques to get me through it. Outside of the gym, definitely running. I only run these days if I’m being chased!

What’s your favourite local café and your order there?

I couldn’t choose one! I’m big on Sunday morning brekky out so here’s my top three.

  1. Deli Chi Chi in Mt Claremont for the oats and poached eggs on gluten free toast. I can never decide between them, so I get both!

  2. Moore and Moore in Freo. I try something different every time, because everything there is awesome.

  3. Canteen in Trigg is right on the ocean and I always get the smashed avo. They put so much avocado on there, I only just get through it!

How do you pull yourself out of a motivation slump?

I have a bit of Rhino time at the beach, plug my earphones in with some good music and review the last seven days to see what’s been missing. I see if it’s the time of training, missing meditations and see what can be adjusted to feel good again. I make a plan for the next week, make specific times for meditation, visualisations and training to get back on track. I watch a few short clips on You Tube with Denzel Washington in them. I also take a beach walk and ask myself a series of questions, as if I was coaching myself. I ask myself some hard questions like “what do I really want?” and “am I doing everything in my power to get my where I want to go?” It helps me work out if I’ve really been giving 100 percent towards what I really want.

Tell us about your daily health routines that help achieve your goals?

I’m big on being organised as you all know! I always have my training mapped out so I know what muscle groups I’ll be working each day, who I’ll be working out with and where, which gets me excited for the next session. The night before, I pack my bag accordingly.


What services do you invest in regularly to keep your body in fine tune?

Anyone doing resistance training needs to consider maintenance at some stage to keep the body running smoothly. My go-to man is Tim at Edwards Spine and Sport in Wembley. He works miracles! He’s a chiropractor who works on nerve entrapment and any niggles I have are sorted out by him. I see him once every three weeks for a tune up and recommend him very highly.

For fascia release, I see Kristy at Elements Bodyworks once every few weeks.

Meaghan at PROmotion in Claremont is great for dry needling and any instant relief for anything I feel isn’t 100 percent. She’s hands down the best physio I’ve come across.

For remedial massage, I go once every couple of months to see Brett Burdon on Stirling Highway for a good massage and stretch.

I also see Ben from Tailored Nutrition. I send him my macros and calorie requirements and he delivers five meals for six days of the week to my door on a Monday and Thursday night. Pretty epic after ten years of food prep!

What are you currently working on to improve yourself?

I used to have big goals regarding weights on certain lifts, body fat percentage and grams of lean muscle but if I get too focused on numbers, I forget how much I love training in general. Not every day has to be stronger than yesterday and now the focus is much more living a good life and optimising each day.

Rather than having big goals, I’m working on being really present, having fun and creating a better lifestyle every day with daily challenges.

I’m also pushing myself to be a better person and have an impact on others’ lives to help them achieve their goals.

Fast five favourites

Holiday destination? Seminyak in Bali and Santa Monica in LA.

Cheat meal? A couple of burgers from Royals in Wembley.

Song to train to? I have a few fave playlists including 36 Crazyfists, Alexis on fire, Architects, Dance Gavin Dance, Cog, Tool and Slipknot.

Movie/book? Remember the Titans and Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Giant Within.

Spirit animal? Ahhhh?! A staffy!