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BBR Awards Night recap

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The build up to our annual awards’ night was different to previous celebrations. With widespread hardship over the past six months from the bushfires over east (remember them? We fundraised and everything!) to the all-consuming COVID-19, we have all been challenged by the offerings of 2020. So, the awards had a different flavour too, and may have contributed to the lengthy presentation that had the naughty corner getting twitchy… Rhino had a lot of love to share!!

This year emotions ran deeper and beyond challenge winners. Team BBR wanted to recognise our transformation weapons who have emerged this year and also, those generous souls who gave so much of themselves to the BBR community in recent months. We wanted to capture those legends in writing and images, and celebrate them one more time here on the blog. They also shared with us what it meant to them to win the prestigious BBR medals (and trophies for some!).

Claire Preston, Transformation Winner
Claire is almost unrecognisable from her former self, completely overhauling her physical and mental self since she started training with BBR and particularly, trainer Gene Buchanan.

“I felt so luck to receive an award for my transformation and it reminded me of how much my life has changed for the better since I came to BBR,” Claire told us. “I just feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by such an inspiring and supportive group of people. The awards night was such a fun way to celebrate everyone’s achievements – both award and non-award winners!”

Sophie Raven, Transformation Winner
Not only was she hostess with the mostess (thank you so much again for generously opening your house to us, Soph!), Sophie has made incredible lifestyle changes to reveal some seriously enviable abs and popping biceps. She’s now winning at life, showing no signs of retreating from her transformation self and accepted her award looking extremely fabulous, weeks after her challenge ended.

“I felt so privileged to have won a Transformation Award, as it was the result of many hours of hard work training via Zoom and sticking to my meal plan, and no alcohol, during COVID lockdown,” said Soph. “I’m assured by Ryan that winning it had nothing to do with me hosting the BBR party, so this made me even happier! There are so many hard-working people at this gym, and I feel lucky every day to be amongst them.”

Chantal Negri, Eight Week Challenge Winner

While her meal prep is the envy of many (the things Chantal can do with mince is mind-blowing), Chantal was on song from the start of the inaugural eight week challenge and despite her auto-immune disorder, she carried on from home with unshakeable determination. She has lost around 8kg since the start of 2020 and she said it was finally facing up to the challenge, and not looking for the easy fix, that has changed her life for good.

“I was honoured to receive it as so many others were also so committed to this challenge and especially since COVID-19 kicked in, but if I had to sum up my experience in one word it would be consistency – I have spent years looking for the quick fix, that secret pill and it all brought me back to square one every single time,” Chantal shared. “This challenge I decided to commit and show up in every way and consistently make good choices to help me feel my best always – consistently showing up to training, eating healthy nutritious foods and taking care of myself!”

Claire Good, COVID Live Most Consistent Award
As we all buckled down in our lounge rooms or garages, we made do with what we had. Claire took it next level with her weights, using a 5kg Windex container for a kettlebell, providing Jay and Rhino with endless entertainment. Not only that, she showed up every day for the live sessions and earnt massive respect from us all in the process.

Steph Mair, COVID Online Most Consistent Award
Queen of the Sultry Selfie, Steph kept us entertained with her consistently glorious poses on our BBR Member’s Facebook Page (even going to the effort of printing a Ryan mask at one point, all the giggles and potentially nightmares for Jay). Not only does she have the perfect pout, she also fronted up to every single session on her own, without even the background coaching from Rhino. Amazing!

“When I won the most consistent award, I was very amused,” Steph said, laughing. “I’m still not entirely sure if I won it for not missing a workout or for my sultry selfies, but either way I’m delighted! The interaction with everyone throughout the online workouts, selfies, group chats etc made the lockdown time a lot easier and fun, but what else would you expect from BBR?”

Liz Biggs, Coaches Award

Miss May has been so much more than one month, Liz has been outstanding all year as she chases her big goal of her fittest self at her upcoming 40th birthday. COVID-19 didn’t slow her down and she was consistently at all the live workouts. Basically she’s #committedAF and we’re all kinds of inspired by her dedication, hence getting Rhino’s nod!

“I was pumped to finally fit into my skinny leg jeans again but getting a Coaches Award was the cherry on top!” Liz said with her trademark big smile.

Brenda Bardinet, Most Valuable Member
Brenda represents all the best things about BBR; she’s committed, welcoming, fun and fit AF. She took out an MVM because as she doggedly went after the eight week challenge, she also hit great personal challenges with her family business as COVID-19 hit, let alone family in France to worry about. Yet, still she offered every single member help in whatever way she could from a hot meal to a listening ear. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

“It was such a surprise and honour to receive MVM at the BBR awards! I only hope everyone at the gym realises the only reason I received it is because each person inspires me to be better myself,” Brenda said. “Without the other members and our amazing coaches, none of it is possible… it’s truly a team effort here.”

Freddy Hollow, Most Valuable Member
If you haven’t basked in the sunshine of Freddy Hollow, you haven’t been a BBR member long enough… it will happen. Freddy shines on every person he meets, bringing joy and high vibes, and kindly encourages us all to be better in the gym and at life. He carries an auto-immune disorder too and was one of the first to retreat home to workout yet once the live sessions kicked in, there he was lifting vibes on screen (our waves were my session highlights every time). The bromance between him and Rhino is big, but it’s pretty much a BBR love affair from all of us when it comes to Freddy.

“It’s easy bringing the hype and vibes when you get to see your friends every morning and I also get so much inspiration, joy and energy from seeing people crush and dominate their own journey. So many inspirational and cool things happening if you keep your eyes open!” said Freddy. “The BBR fam means so much to me, more than anyone probably knows so to receive an award really means a lot and left me a little tongue tied (the chanting didn’t help the nerves) and I may or may not have had something in my eye or a sudden onset of allergies.”

Noel Buckland, Most Valuable Member

Humble as he is, you could have blown the big man over with a feather when he won this award. Yet, nobody else was surprised in the least when the ‘ultimate hype man’ and the biggest heart at BBR (and that’s a hotly contested title, we have some gooood people here) was recognised. Spending hours setting Ryan and Jay up with technology for live workouts and then marking up our squares for the first stage of gym reopening, Noel was always finding ways to help BBR.

“I must admit I was shocked and humbled to be called up for an award with so many BBR members that quietly contribute behind the scenes, I’m not sure it was entirely warranted but it was an amazing honour, and Ryan’s heart felt words were particularly touching,” Noel said. “Of the many things that stand out about the BBR community, I particularly love that everyone is so unashamedly themselves and they commit 110% to everything they do.”

Noel, you’re the kindest human. Pass me the tissues, I’m definitely crying.

Gene Buchanan, Top Trainer
When gyms were continually forced to shift their business model to adjust to COVID-19 restrictions, Gene fronted up to every session that was allowed, from outdoor bootcamp to person training, with his trademark smile and booming coach voice to keep us fit and healthy throughout. He kept us all calm, particularly Rhino, and somehow always knows exactly what Rhino needs at the right time. We are all so very grateful for Geno the Machino, the perfect mix of sweetness and destroyer.

“I guess I was pretty shocked to receive an award on the members’ night! I’ve learnt so much over the past 12 plus months and everything I was awarded for, I can thank Ryan,” Gene said. “He’s been a great mentor and leads by example, so it’s all thanks to him!”

Jay Pike, Backbone of BBR

When her hospitality job was paused due to COVID-19, Jay jumped into supporting BBR 100% in behind the scene administration and in the spotlight as our live workout fitness model. Ever the professional, we had no idea of the verbal abuse Ryan received from our workout angel when the bonus challenge was more burpees or an undesirable warm up exercise cropped up. And on behalf of all of us, he definitely deserved it.

“I wasn’t expecting an award at all so was pleasantly surprised because honestly, I’m just so grateful that I get to hang out with so many incredible & inspiring people,” Jay said. “Life had a couple of bad knocks pre-Bodies By Ryan but since joining, the community has really helped me gain a greater sense of self-worth, confidence & overall lust for life, so this award was the icing on my cake/ gin to my tonic on the night.

Ryan’s an extremely driven & dedicated person, whose mission is to help people become a better version of themselves. COVID-19 was the ultimate test and I did whatever I needed to do to help keep his dream alive! Success!”


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